• K-12 schools are constantly under budget constraints and must try to do more with less. With Umbrella’s cloud-based service, K-12 schools receive a powerful Internet security solution that helps them achieve CIPA compliance at a fraction of the total cost of ownership of on-premises solutions. Deployment across an entire school district takes less than 30 minutes and all management is done through the Web-based dashboard, reducing the amount of effort needed by IT staff.

    • Umbrella ensures your compliance with regulations that protect students from harmful online content. Umbrella is the easiest way to achieve CIPA (Children’s Internet Protection Act) compliance necessary for E-rate funding.

    • The Internet is an integral component in the K-12 learning environment. Uncontrolled Internet access can lead to students reaching harmful sites or to sites that consume valuable bandwidth. Umbrella’s web filtering allows you to easily enforce your school’s acceptable use policy. And unlike other content filtering services that require software on every machine, Umbrella is cloud-based and will take effect across all Internet-enabled devices instantly.

    • Internet usage in the classroom continues to grow as security threats increase in sophistication and prevalence. IT administrators are spending more time cleaning compromised devices, leaving them with less time to enable a productive learning environment. Umbrella provides an effective proactive layer of protection to prevent malware and botnet threats from infecting machines — including Windows, Mac OS X, and Chromebook devices — which saves K-12 schools both time and money.

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