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ProfessionalBest for small companiesInsightsBest for mid-sized companiesPlatformBest for advanced security teams
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Add a new layer of predictive security for any device, anywhere
Prevent malware, phishing, and C2 callbacks over any port
Enforce acceptable use policies using 60 content categories
100% cloud—no hardware to install or software to maintain
100% uptime—resolves 80B+ requests daily with no added latency
7M+ malicious destinations enforced as DNS requests are processed
Block malicious domain requests & IP responses at the DNS-layer
Block malicious URL paths & direct IP connections at the IP-layer
Real-time, enterprise-wide activity search & scheduled reports
Identify targeted attacks by comparing local vs. global activity
Identify cloud & IoT usage risks by reporting on 1800+ services
Custom block/allow lists, built-in block pages, and bypass options
Enforcement & visibility per internal network or AD user/group
Retain logs forever by integrating with your Amazon S3 bucket
Platform Package Exclusives
API-based integrations to enforce & manage 3rd-party block lists
Investigate Console—threat intelligence on all domains, IPs, & malware
Investigate API—enrich local events (SIEM) with global contextPackage purchased separately
Support Options—all packages include online & email supportSee options for all packages
Muti-Org Console—centralized management of decentralized orgsAdd-onAdd-on
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