Professional package includes all of the following:

  • Block ransomware, malware, phishing, and C2 callbacks
  • Protect users anywhere they go, on and off the corporate network
  • Stop malicious domain requests and IP responses at the DNS-layer, over any port or protocol
  • Real-time, enterprise-wide activity search & scheduled reports
  • Enforce acceptable use policies using 80+ content categories
  • Create custom block/allow lists

Includes everything in the Professional package plus:

  • Block direct IP connections at the IP-layer
  • Identify targeted attacks by comparing local vs. global activity
  • Manage shadow IT and cloud use by discovering apps and providing vendor and risk details, plus blocking risky apps
  • Enforcement & visibility per internal network or AD user/group
  • Proxy risky domains for URL and file inspection using AV engines and Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP)
  • Retain logs with Amazon Web Services integration using customer-managed or Cisco-managed S3 bucket

Includes everything in the Insights package plus:

Enforcement API

  • Deploy pre-built integrations that work with 10+ security providers – including Splunk, FireEye, and Anomali
  • Leverage custom API to easily integrate with other systems including:
    • Security appliances
    • Threat intelligence platforms or feeds
    • Custom, in-house tools

Investigate Console

  • Gain context about what Umbrella is blocking and why
  • See attacks as they form
  • Prioritize incident investigations