We don't just connect the dots, we are the dots.

When you analyze over 100 billion internet requests a day, you see what other security solutions miss.

Statistical models are our secret sauce.

Statistical models are our secret sauce.

We statistically score the “guilt” of domains and IPs to determine if they’re part of an attacker’s infrastructure. More than a reputation score that looks at the past, we analyze both historic and live data. And we’ve built statistical models to automatically score and classify all of our data, so we can detect anomalies, and uncover known and emergent threats. We use three main approaches: guilt by inference, guilt by association, and patterns of guilt.

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Datasets must be diverse, global & live.

  • 100BInternet requests
  • 80MDaily active users
  • 12KEnterprise customers
  • 160Countries worldwide

Not only do we analyze a massive amount of data, but perhaps more important is the diversity of our data. Umbrella gathers 100 billion internet requests from over 100 million enterprise and consumer users across 160 countries every day at the moment a request is made — which gives us a statistically significant data set. Our real-time DNS data is also enriched with diverse public and private data feeds.

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