Security Community

Since the early days of OpenDNS, community has always been a cornerstone of our business. Cisco Umbrella Security Labs has evolved the tradition by building a community of more than 100 security researchers that assist in classifying, tuning, and training security-related sites. Security community members are enabled to vote on and moderate sites that are candidates for the malware and botnet categories of OpenDNS security services. And not just anyone can classify a malware domain. Simply loading the domain can put a user, their machine or device, and their network at risk. We have members in Australia, India, Africa, UK, Switzerland, Sweden, Canada and all over the United States. As you can imagine, security is a 24×7 job. So, having security community members in all time zones is key to minimizing the time it takes to uncover threats.

In return for classifying sites, the security community has access to some proprietary tools, including our Security Graph. This helps members promptly vote, make decisions, and correlate other details that may help them in their role as security professionals.

Check out the map to see where members of our security community call home:

sec-com map


Our security classification program also involves our world-class partner network. Our partner network consists of researchers and organizations that provide vetted data that is confirmed and distributed globally in real-time. Umbrella Security Labs works with more than 50 partners, most of which fit into one of the following categories:

  • Botnet and malware tracking organizations
  • URL sample exchanges
  • Malware and botnet samples exchanges
  • Customers, law enforcement agencies, CERTs, Higher Education
  • Select vetted security forums, mailing lists, and chat rooms

We believe in being an active and open member of the security community and do our best to give back more than we receive wherever possible.