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Global Network

Our security research team leverages the Cisco Umbrella global network of data centers, the world’s largest security network, which features the industry’s best uptime, and geographically distributed data centers serving over 100 million active users daily in 190+ countries.

The combination of our network security services and the global network provides the ultimate in coverage, efficacy, and performance, protecting users on any device at any time. Highlights of our cloud network include:

  • Lightning-fast performance: Over 5,000 peering sessions and over 900 partnerships with Internet Service Providers and Content Delivery Networks create shortcuts to major internet providers. Anycast routing (and innovative, patent-pending extensions) transparently utilize the fastest route available with automated failover.
  • Global footprint for huge capacity: More than 30 data centers worldwide with automated failover. Full stack cloud security in all. Available to all customers (not only some). World class data centers located at the biggest internet exchange points.
  • Anycast and beyond for rock-solid reliability: Umbrella’s innovative use of Anycast also sharpens reliability. For example, the Umbrella infrastructure can execute updates, additions, and removals—even take down an entire data center—without impacting users.
  • Smart infrastructure: The Umbrella infrastructure is self-healing, highly automated, and agile. We continuously adapt it to keep delivering new and better security capabilities. While we do this, user work proceeds with no interruption.

Cisco Umbrella offers flexible cloud-delivered security when and how you need it. It combines multiple security functions into one solution, so you can enrich your incident response data and easily extend protection to devices and locations anywhere.

And with a cloud security solution, the underlying infrastructure is equally essential as core functionality. You don’t “buy” the infrastructure per se, but how it’s architected, built, and enhanced directly impacts your business. You need to know that your cloud security solution emanates from a sophisticated, global, battle-hardened infrastructure.

Location Facility Peering Fabric IPv4 IPv6
Amsterdam, NL Interxion Amsterdam AMS-IX 2620:0:cc4::/48
Ashburn, US Equinix Ashburn Equinix Ashburn 2620:0:ccb::/48
Atlanta, US Digital Reality Digital Reality 2a04:e4c0:24::/48
Bucharest, RO NX Data Interlan 2a04:e4c0:14::/48
Chicago, US Equinix Chicago Equinix Chicago 2620:0:cc5::/48
Copenhagen, DK Interxion CPH1 Netnod IX Copenhagen 2a04:e4c0:17::/48
Dallas, US Equinix Dallas Equinix Dallas 2620:0:cc6::/48
Denver, US CoreSite DE1 CoreSite Any2 Denver 2a04:e4c0:25::/48
Dubai, AE Equinix Dubai UAE-IX 2a04:e4c0:31::/48
Dublin, IE Interxion DUB3 INEX 2a04:e4c0:18::/48
Frankfurt, DE Equinix Frankfurt DE-CIX 2620:0:cc7::/48
Hong Kong, CN Equinix Hong Kong HKIX 2620:0:cce::/48
Johannesburg, ZA Teraco Johannesburg NAPAfrica IX 2a04:e4c0:30::/48
London, GB Equinix London LINX / LoNAP 2a04:e4c0:10::/48
Los Angeles, US Equinix Los Angeles Equinix Los Angeles 2620:0:cc8::/48
Melbourne, AU NextDC M2 MegaIX 2a04:e4c0:21::/48
Miami, US CoreSite Miami FL-IX 2620:119:13::/48
Milan, IT Equinix ML2 MIX 2a04:e4c0:23::/48
Mumbai, IN STT Mumbai 3 N/A 2a04:e4c0:22::/48
New York, US CoreSite NY2 NYIIX 2620:0:cc9::/48
Palo Alto, US Equinix Santa Clara Equinix San Jose / PAIX 2620:0:cc3::/48
Paris, FR Equinix PA2 FranceIX 2a04:e4c0:12::/48
Prague, CZ CE Colo NIX.CZ 2a04:e4c0:15::/48
Rio de Janeiro, BR Equinix RJ2 Rio de Janeiro 2a04:e4c0:41::/48
Sao Paulo, BR Equinix SP3 Sao Paulo 2a04:e4c0:40::/48
Seattle, US Equinix Seattle SIX 2620:119:12::/48
Singapore, SG Equinix Singapore Equinix Singapore 2620:0:cca::/48
Sydney, AU Equinix Sydney Equinix Sydney / MegaIX 2620:0:ccf::/48
Tokyo, JP Equinix Tokyo JPNAP 2a04:e4c0:20::/48
Toronto, CA Equinix Toronto TorIX 2620:119:10::/48
Vancouver, CA Cologix VANIX 2620:119:11::/48
Warsaw, PL EdgeConneX Warsaw PLIX 2a04:e4c0:16::/48