On our blog, you’ll see posts from the Cisco Umbrella engineering and security research  teams. Here’s a little bit of background about these groups:

Cisco Umbrella engineering

Whether it’s software engineering, infrastructure engineering, research, or delighting customers, the Cisco Umbrella engineering teams are focused on delivering security at scale. Everything we do is about providing security that allows our customers to connect with confidence on any device, anywhere by creating powerful security solutions that are easy to deploy and simple to manage.

Our core engineering culture tenants are as follows:

  • Put the customer first…always
  • Quality before quantity
  • Bias to action. Listen to the data
  • Iterate & Innovate: smaller more frequent, learn, adapt
  • Always be improving
  • Work hard, but have fun doing it

Cisco Umbrella security research

The Umbrella security research team thrives on continual innovation. Instead of waiting and reacting to threats that hit us, the research team takes a different approach, proactively threat hunting and leveraging Umbrella’s predictive intelligence. 

How do we do this? We look at our massive and diverse  dataset collected across our 85 million unique users, and apply statistical and machine learning models that can predict what threats are coming next. We have a team of world-class engineers, mathematicians, and security researchers who take an innovative and proactive approach to security research.

The way our industry traditionally defended against malware had become a reactive cycle: new technologies are created and adopted, attackers leverage the opportunity to expand the attack surface, and security solutions are released in reaction to the latest threats. But this method is tired, and we can do better.

Our goals are simple: Continually innovate ahead of the pace of technology change and build the best possible security protection without compromising performance or productivity.

We are always looking for the best and the brightest. For details on our latest engineering, research, sales, product, and customer success  positions, visit our careers site.