A few months ago we launched Umbrella, a new line of Internet security solutions that protect users from malware no matter where they choose to work. Umbrella Mobility extends the protection IT administrators trust on their core network infrastructure to nomadic workers using iOS devices and Mac and Windows Laptops. Just a few weeks after the launch, PC Magazine honored Umbrella’s mobile security solution with the Editors’ Choice award and a 4.5 star review.

At OpenDNS, our engineering and product teams are always looking for ways to simplify the management of complex systems. We don’t like building features just for the sake of building features and we don’t believe in adding bells and whistles when it means a trade-off in added complexity. Unless they’re totally awesome bells and whistles, of course. But, this approach requires that we iterate quickly and listen to our customers carefully.

We received tons of feedback from early adopters of Umbrella Mobility and some told us that deployment of the iOS app was a bit clunky. So, we set about improving it. The process for deploying the Umbrella Mobility iOS app and setting up the user’s VPN profile is now remarkably simple. Within just a few minutes, you’ll be able to protect your users’ iPhones and iPads from the eavesdropping that occurs over unsecured Wi-Fi, and connect them to your content and security filtering policies.

Here’s how it works:

This is now the default action for inviting users to add Umbrella Mobility to their iOS devices. Users are invited from the admin Dashboard via email address (see below), and they receive easy to follow instructions.

Users receive the email below and all they need to do is click — no need for passwords! Once the installation has completed, admins see the devices appear in the Dashboard. Admins can then proceed to configure policy for those devices as they would normally.

Note: If you haven’t yet tried out the Umbrella Mobility iOS app, you can get a single-user license for just $20. Or, get in touch with our sales team to start a free trial to see how Umbrella Mobility’s iOS and roaming laptop protection can benefit your organization.

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