Today OpenDNS launched Root Access, a podcast that looks at the most notable security stories and why they matter. Hosted by Security Researcher Josh Pyorre, Root Access will take the pause that is often R00T_Accesslacking in cybersecurity news and dialog for a deeper dive into the motivations, technical details, and consequences of some of the largest breaches and attacks in recent history.

The podcast will feature news clips, interviews with guests, and narrative from Pyorre, a former NASA security analyst, that will provide context and insight to each episode.

In the first episode, Pyorre and his production team tackle the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) breach, an attack on the US federal government that compromised the data records for millions of Americans – even those who never worked for the government.

You can find episode one, “OPM,” and all future episodes at, or subscribe on iTunes and SoundCloud.

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