The famous quote about defining pornography is “I know it when I see it,” from a 1964 Supreme Court case. I’m glad we’re working with St. Bernard Software to get human-reviewed categorization of adult sites for our adult site blocking service.

At home, I’m the network administrator. While testing adult site blocking, I learned that you need to be careful what you block. My wife alerted (ahem) me to my overzealous blocking. For the interested, is classified as both lingerie/bikini and adult themes. 🙂 I cannot disagree… but it’s still a fun celebrity gossip site. It’s no longer blocked on my network, though other categories are.

That kind of control is useful, and it’s why we offer 6 categories, so you can make the right choices for your network.

Avoid making my domestic misstep. Check a site to find out whether it would be blocked, and why.

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