We’re excited to announce the availability of the Cisco Umbrella Chromebook client! With the Umbrella Chromebook client, you can protect your Chromebook users from threats on the internet, no matter where they are.

As more K-12 schools and organizations move towards 1:1 programs, students and staff can increase productivity and collaboration. However, these changes also introduce new security challenges; organizations must ensure access to the internet is safe while navigating limited budgets.

The Umbrella Chromebook client for Chrome OS protects against phishing attacks, offers easy to use and customizable content category filtering, and provides per-user visibility and policy — regardless of location. It utilizes Umbrella’s industry-leading DNS platform for security and content filtering. There’s no need for PAC files, proxy configurations or VPNs. Everything happens via DNS, ensuring a great user experience for both administrators and end users!

Let’s take a look at an example of how the Umbrella Chromebook client can help three different individuals at a local school be more productive, while defending against threats on the internet – click to the full blog.

Ready to see Umbrella in action?

The Umbrella Chromebook client is the smartest way to extend powerful protection against threats on the internet to Chromebook users, wherever they are. Interested in learning more? Sign up for a free trial of Cisco Umbrella today.

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