February 2020

  1. AV-TEST Places Cisco Umbrella First in Security Efficacy
  2. Top 10 reasons why 22,000+ businesses point their DNS to Cisco Umbrella

January 2020

  1. Easily Determine Risk Factors for a Domain With Cisco Umbrella Investigate
  2. What is DNSSEC and Why Is It Important?
  3. How DNS-Layer Security Can Improve Cloud Workloads
  4. What is Cloud Security?
  5. Cybersecurity Terms and Threats You Need to Know in 2020
  6. BlueCat’s DNS Edge Is Cisco Umbrella’s Newest Integration

December 2019

  1. How to Defend Against Ransomware
  2. Cisco Umbrella’s Top 10 Cybersecurity Tips

November 2019

  1. Gartner Defines New Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) Solution – What You Need to Know
  2. How to Secure Your Wi-Fi in Minutes
  3. Shrinking the Cybersecurity Gender Gap with Girl Empowerment
  4. Consolidate Your Security in the Cloud with Cisco Umbrella
  5. Obfuscation: The Abracadabra of Malware Authors

October 2019

  1. ABC’s of DNS
  2. Cyberattacks and Cybersecurity in Europe: Targets and Trends
  3. Go Phish: Avoid Being Hooked by Phishing Emails

September 2019

  1. Midmarket Malware Mayhem: Targeted Industries and Trends to Watch
  2. DoH! To block or not to block?
  3. Deprecating Support for TLS 1.0 / 1.1 – Improving Encryption Strength and your Security Posture
  4. Today’s Catch: Phishing Roundup – Part 2

August 2019

  1. Today’s Catch: Phishing Roundup – Part 1
  2. The Cisco Umbrella Chromebook Client – Now Integrated with G Suite

July 2019

  1. Picture Perfect: How JPG EXIF Data Hides Malware
  2. New Passive DNS Enhancements for Cisco Umbrella Investigate

June 2019

  1. DNS Security – Your New Secret Weapon in The Fight Against Cybercrime

May 2019

  1. Cisco Recognized in the March 2019 Gartner Peer Insights ‘Voice of the Customer’ for Secure Web Gateways
  2. Now available: EfficientIP and Cisco Umbrella Integration

March 2019

  1. Introducing Threat Busters: A Game of Threat Intelligence
  2. Emotet malspam trojan — the gift that keeps on giving

February 2019

  1. Check Your Electric Bill – Malicious Cryptomining Is Lighting up the Internet

January 2019

  1. Cisco Named a January 2019 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Secure Web Gateways

November 2018

  1. Now available: Hive-Cortex Analyzer and Maltego Transform for Investigate

October 2018

  1. Now available: Umbrella reporting API & management API
  2. Five Questions to Ask About Your Data Privacy in the EU

September 2018

  1. The Coin Rush
  2. Back to school with the Cisco Umbrella Chromebook client

August 2018

  1. A Better Way To Manage Shadow IT and Promote Healthy Cloud Adoption
  2. Meraki and Umbrella: together at last

July 2018

  1. Diamonds in the Rough

May 2018

  1. GDPR and WHOIS: Here’s What You Need to Know
  2. Cisco Security Spotlight: Meet Brad Antoniewicz

April 2018

  1. Root Access Podcast S2:E6: Inside of the WannaCry Ransomware Attack

March 2018

  1. Malware or Maleficent: How well do you know your villains?
  2. You Know, for Science

February 2018

  1. 50% Women Speakers at BSidesNYC
  2. Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

January 2018

  1. Belated Christmas Greetings from Emotet

December 2017

  1. Mounting Mining Mayhem

November 2017

  1. Introducing @PhishTank_Bot
  2. Behind the Scenes of a Phishing Campaign
  3. The Weather Report: Exploit Kit Tracker, Detecting ZBot, and New Phishing Techniques

September 2017

  1. Protecting ICOs and cryptocurrency users
  2. Winter has come for Game of Thrones, and so has more granular inspection of URLs and files in Cisco Umbrella!
  3. Behind the Modern Botnet

August 2017

  1. Changing the Standard of Phishing: Attack Trends,Tips and Tricks.

May 2017

  1. The Weather Report: Seamless Campaign, LuminosityLink RAT, and OG-Miner!
  2. The Hours of WannaCry
  3. Detecting the Google Docs Phishing Attack Using Traffic Analysis

April 2017

  1. Enigma 2017 Recap
  2. A Wretched Bin of Scum and Villainy
  3. Healthcare industry embraces Cisco Umbrella
  4. OG-Miner : Data Crawling on Steroids.

March 2017

  1. ‘Seamless’ Campaign Delivers Ramnit via Rig EK
  2. Domain Names: Are you watching closely?
  3. Visualizing Time-Dependent Graphs
  4. Phishing and Eternal Revenue Cervezas
  5. Chasing the Storm

February 2017

  1. Rise in Bitcoin leads to more Phishing attacks
  2. Exploring a Malicious Neighborhood
  3. New dog, new tricks
  4. Visualizing 2016’s Top Threats

January 2017

  1. BSidesSD 2017 Recap
  2. Finding the RAT’s Nest
  3. Announcing two new security categories for Cisco Umbrella
  4. Catching Exploit Kit Landers
  5. The Future is Here – Assaulting the Internet with Mirai

December 2016

  1. New attacks on wallets and AdWords correlate with Bitcoin price surge
  2. In the Eye of Hailstorm
  3. Cisco Umbrella 1 Million
  4. The Query Volumes of Mirai DGAs
  5. Stranger Danger

November 2016

  1. Ten things you didn’t know about the Umbrella roaming client
  2. BSidesPDX/LA 2016
  3. PhishFinder: Hook, Line and Sinker
  4. Visualizing the Evolution

October 2016

  1. Source Seattle 2016 Conference
  2. Detecting The Recent Blockchain DNS Hijack
  3. Domain Generation Algorithms – Why so effective?

September 2016

  1. Odin is Locky’s Latest Persona
  2. Bitcoin Phishing: The Next Wave
  3. BSides Las Vegas and BlackHat USA Recap
  4. Dominos, Botnets, and a little LSTM

August 2016

  1. Ransomware response outlined in new video featuring Gartner
  2. Excursus: SAI Conference 2016
  3. Identifying Scam Infrastructure
  4. Vulnerable PHP Forms Abused for Locky Distribution

July 2016

  1. From Query Logs to Visualization
  2. WildFire Ransomware
    Catching On
  3. New Integration with AnyConnect Offers Off-Network Protection Without New Agents
  4. Automating imposter domain discovery

June 2016

  1. Cloud Security World, Boston
  2. Bitcoin Wallet Phish Boom Reveals Rogue Hosters
  3. Finding Browser Extensions To Hunt Evil!
  4. Source Boston 2016 Conference
  5. New to Content Filtering: URL Shorteners
  6. OpenLate – Introduction to React

May 2016

  1. CactusCon 2016: Security in the Valley of the Sun
  3. Black Hat 2016 preview: Fast Flux with SSL, a unique and popular Bulletproof Hosting option for cyber criminals
  4. BSidesNash 2016

April 2016

  1. OpenDNS hack-a-thon: “Build Tomorrow”
  2. QuBit Conference, Prague, CZ
  3. The Brief: April 11 – 17
  4. BlackHat Asia 2016: OpenDNS Labs Travels to Singapore to Talk About Real-Time Detection Techniques
  5. From Breach Fatigue to Breach Acceptance
  6. The Brief: April 4 – 10
  7. BSides Austin, 2016
  8. The Brief: March 28 – April 3

March 2016

  1. What It’s Like to Recover from Tax Fraud
  2. Fishing for Angler: Pivoting Through Angler’s Infrastructure
  3. The Brief: March 21 – 27
  4. A look back at Bsides Orlando 2016
  5. OpenDNS Maintains LASER Focus on Customer Success
  6. The Brief: March 14th – 20th
  7. Carpe Datum: OpenDNS Labs travels to Prague for Cisco CTA Data Science Summit
  8. Considering Docker? Consider Security First
  9. The Brief: March 7th – 13th
  10. Rumor No More: Mac Ransomware Has Arrived
  11. Ransomware and the "Dark Web"
  12. The Brief: February 29th – March 6th
  13. Exploit Kits for All
  14. Cryptographers’ Panel Delivers Again at 2016 RSA Conference

February 2016

  1. The Brief: February 22nd – 28th, 2016
  2. A Brief History of opendnscache
  3. From Kaspersky SAS to RSA 2016
  4. Cybersquatting on the 2016 Presidential Campaign Trail
  5. Implementing OAuth for Registry V2
  6. OpenDNS Events at RSA 2016
  7. The Brief: February 16th – 21st
  8. The Return of Ransom32
  9. Our response to the glibc vulnerability: OpenDNS has your back
  10. Introducing the Root Access Podcast
  11. Visualizing The Cisco Annual Security Report (ASR 2016)
  12. Cisco’s Annual Security Report with TALOS Lead Craig Williams
  13. The Brief: February 8th – 15th
  14. DigiCert CA Plugin for Lemur
  15. Nothing is Certain but Phish and Taxes
  16. What It Takes to Master Security (Hint: It’s Not Certs)
  17. Hacker Publishes 29,000 U.S. Government Employee Records
  18. The Brief: February 1st – 7th
  19. Grammar and Spelling Errors in Phishing and Malware
  20. Debugging the Cloud
  21. Pick Your Battles: Security Priorities for 2016
  22. NSA TAO Chief Talks Nation State Hacks At Usenix Enigma Conference
  23. The Brief: January 25th-31st
  24. BSidesNYC 2016 Recap

January 2016

  1. New Image Feed Reveals Yet Another IoT Danger
  2. FBI, DHS Share Lessons Learned from OPM Hack
  3. The Brief: January 19-24
  4. Migrating Our Docker Registry
  5. FloCon 2016 Recap
  6. Cisco Security Report: Majority of Orgs Do Not Monitor DNS
  7. The Brief: January 11-18th
  8. Beyond the PewPew: What Is a Security Graph?
  9. The Brief: January 4th – 10th
  10. IoT Headlines at CES 2016, with Security Concerns a Close Second
  11. The Brief: December 21st – January 3rd

December 2015

  1. Reflecting on 2015: Security Moments That Made Us Pause
  2. The Brief: December 14th-20th
  3. How the Global Cybercrime Economy Hides in Plain Sight
  4. New Cuckoo for You
  5. The Brief: December 7th – 13th
  6. 2015: The Year Hacking Got Personal
  7. The Brief: November 30th – December 6th
  8. Compromised by Design: Baked-In Security Flaws Are Now Systemic

November 2015

  1. The Brief: November 23rd – 29th
  2. OpenDNS Sheds Light on Domain Shadowing
  3. The Brief: November 16th – 22nd
  4. SPRank and IP Space Monitoring at BruCON & Hack.lu
  5. OpenDNS Advances Predictive Security Using Data Science and Sound Wave Technology
  6. The Brief: November 9th – 15th
  7. WHOIS: HD Moore, Chief Research Officer at Rapid7
  8. C is for Python
  9. Third-Party Risk Is Here to Stay, Enterprises Should Plan Accordingly
  10. The Brief: November 2nd – 8th
  11. The Avalanche Project: When High Frequency Trading Meets Traffic Classification
  12. Lets Talk About Proxies, Pt. 2: Nginx as a Forward HTTP Proxy
  13. New Umbrella Features Amplify Efficiency for MSPs
  14. OpenDNS Update Adds IP Layer Enforcement to Umbrella
  15. The Brief: October 26th – November 1st

October 2015

  1. Passwords Are Not Enough — Yet Two-Factor Auth Is Far from Common
  2. The Brief: October 19th-25th
  3. Update: Fitbit Scare Serves as Reminder of Enterprise IoT Security Concerns
  4. United States of Security: A Look at 2016 Prospects
  5. The More You Know: OSINT and Security
  6. Source Seattle and BSides LA, October 2015
  7. Playing Games at Work for Fun (and Profit)
  8. The Brief: October 12th-18th
  9. Full Disclosure: Infosec Industry Still Fighting Over Vulnerability Reporting
  10. DNS and Spam
  11. A CONprehensive Guide to the World of Security Events
  12. The Brief: October 5th – 11th
  13. Vinny's Python and the Only Fail
  14. #CiscoChat: Celebrating National Cyber Security Awareness Month
  15. The (Very Short) Tale of Unix's Tee Command
  16. Cisco Disrupts Major Ransomware Campaign
  17. The Brief: September 28th – October 4th
  18. Security Everywhere: OpenDNS and Cisco Are Better Together
  19. WHOIS: Casey Ellis, Founder and CEO at Bugcrowd

September 2015

  1. Spy v. Scribe: Why Can’t We Be Friends?
  2. How to Run a Tech Community
  3. TeslaCrypt Revisited
  4. The Brief: September 21st-27th
  5. Hackers Are Returning to Their Roots, InfoSec Pros Should Too
  6. #CiscoChat: Managing the Shadow IT Explosion in Cloud
  7. Log Analysis with OpenDNS
  8. XCodeGhost 'Materializes' on App Store
  9. The Brief: September 14th-20th
  10. Let’s Talk About Proxies
  11. How Bad Guys Hide Online, Part Two
  12. Hack the Planet: ‘Hackers’ Turns 20
  13. Phishing, Spiking, and Bad Hosting
  14. The Brief: September 7th-13th, 2015
  15. How Bad Guys Hide Online, Part One
  16. The Six Easy Steps to Set Up a Global Cloud Infrastructure
  17. The Brief: August 31st – September 6th, 2015
  18. Easy, Cheap, and Costly: Ransomware is Growing Exponentially
  19. The Good, the Bad, and the Parked
  20. WHOIS: Jennifer Minella, VP of Engineering and Consulting CISO at Carolina Advanced Digital

August 2015

  1. Generating Iptables Rules With TrafficCop
  2. The Brief: August 24th-30th, 2015
  3. Cisco and OpenDNS: A New Day in Cloud Security
  4. BGPStream, DNSStream & What Happens Before the Cyber Kill Chain Presentations
  5. BSides Las Vegas, Black Hat, and Defcon Wrap-up
  6. The Brief: August 17th-23rd, 2015
  7. Tracking the Footprints of Ransomware
  8. BGP, IoT, and Older Attack Vectors Rule in Las Vegas
  9. Poseidon: Real-Time HTTP Log Analyzer
  10. Hackathon – Visualizing The Life of a Domain
  11. The Brief: August 10th-16th, 2015
  12. Yes, You Can Help Me Today: Social Engineering at DEF CON 23
  13. Physical Damage: SCADA Attacks Easily Theorized, Hard to Execute
  14. SSL Certificates and HBase
  15. The Brief: August 3rd-9th: Blackhat and Defcon Edition
  16. PowerShell Proves to Be an Easy Route Around AD Security
  17. OpenDNS Announces Security Alert Tools BGP Stream and DNS Stream
  18. Researchers Sweet on Honeypots at Blackhat USA
  19. Road to Ruin: How Hackers Took Over Your Car
  20. API Testing with Postman
  21. OpenDNS Security Labs at BSides Las Vegas, Black Hat, and Defcon
  22. The Brief: July 27th-August 2nd, 2015

July 2015

  1. BGP Stream: The Emergency Alert System for the Internet
  2. WHOIS: Paul Moreno, Security Engineering Lead at Pinterest
  3. The Brief: July 20th-26th
  4. Dashboard Building at the OpenDNS Q3 Hack Day
  5. A Guided Tour of the OpenDNS Umbrella Dashboard
  6. Life’s A Pitch, and Then You Investigate
  7. OpenDNS Investigate: Using Good Machines to Fight the Bad Ones
  8. Who’s Using Whose Whois?
  9. The Brief: July 13th-19th, 2015
  10. How IoT Devices Make Security Compliance Even More Complex
  11. Elasticsearch for SQL Users
  12. DFIR Austin 2015
  13. The Role DNS Plays in Mac Malware Prevention
  14. The Brief: July 6th-12th, 2015
  15. How Hacking Team Helped Italian Special Operations Group with BGP Routing Hijack
  16. OpenDNS Innovation: Powered by Customers
  17. For Fun and Profit: The Right Way to Run a Bug Bounty Program
  18. Best Practices for Effective Policies
  19. The Brief: June 29th-July 5th, 2015
  20. Which providers have the most phishing content?
  21. WHOIS: Dan Tentler, Co-founder and Chief Technologist at Carbon Dynamics

June 2015

  1. OpenDNS and Cisco
  2. The Brief: June 22-28th, 2015
  3. By the Numbers: Survey Shows Enterprise IoT on the Rise
  4. BGP and the System of Trust that Runs the Internet, Pt. 2
  5. The Brief: June 15th, 2015
  6. Infosecurity Europe and Intelligent Defence Wrap-up
  7. BGP and the System of Trust that Runs the Internet Pt. 1
  8. Craft Beer or Crafted Attack? It's Quiz time!
  9. New OpenDNS VP Sees Common Threads Linking Company and London Tech Community
  10. Deploy Your Own Cuckoo Sandbox
  11. The Brief: June 8th, 2015
  12. The Breakdown: #RIoT2015 Analysis Visualized
  13. Massive router leak causes internet slowdown
  14. #RIoT15: Twitter Weighs in on IoT in the Enterprise
  15. Spikes and Query Patterns
  16. IoT Security Research Outlines 3 Major Risks for Businesses
  17. The Brief: June 1st, 2015
  18. SourceConf Boston, OpenLate, SFText Meetup Roundup
  19. Meet the Team: Platform Services
  20. Cloud Services Report: A Big Ally Against Shadow IT and IoT
  21. Samsung's Chatty SmartTVs
  22. OpenDNS Security Researcher Unveils Data-Driven Enterprise IoT Security Report

May 2015

  1. The Brief: May 25th, 2015
  2. WHOIS: Erik Peterson, Global Information Security Manager at Crane Company
  3. Virtual Reality : Thoughts about the Future of Data Visualization.
  4. Platform and Cloud: Two Trends Are Driving What Works in Security
  5. Build a Programmable LED for Jenkins CI
  6. The Brief: May 18th, 2015
  7. The Philosophy of Efficiency: Make the Most of Your Insights Deployment
  8. BsidesChicago and THOTCON 2015
  9. Elasticsearch: You Know, For Logs [Part 4]
  10. The Brief: May 11th, 2015
  11. OpenDNS Enforces Threat Intelligence at the Speed of Automatic
  12. Elasticsearch: You Know, For Logs [Part 3]
  13. Cloud-Delivered Security: Think Outside the Box
  14. Scaling Startup Teams
  15. The Brief: May 4th, 2015
  16. Elasticsearch: You Know, For Logs [Part 2]
  17. Plain English: A Simple Definition for IoT’s Future
  18. Docker Container Scheduling as a Bin Packing Problem
  19. Security Challenges Mount for Higher Education
  20. Elasticsearch: You Know, For Logs
  21. The Brief: April 27, 2015

April 2015

  1. Tesla Site Hijack Highlights Need for Return to Security Basics
  2. Security Pros Reflect on Biggest-Ever RSA Conference
  3. Tutorial: Basic Netflix Suro Client/Server Routing to Elasticsearch
  4. Five Things To Know About The Tesla Motors Compromise
  5. The Empty OS X Security Toolbox: Mac Malware Persistence Is Scary Easy
  6. The Ransomware of Things
  7. Legendary RSA Cryptographers’ Panel Delivers Laughs, Security Insights
  8. Rise of Mac Malware Creates Need for Swift Forensics
  9. The Brief: April 13, 2015
  10. Infosec’s Alternative Subculture on Display at Security BSides
  11. WHOIS: Jeff Blair, CISO at the Creative Artists Agency
  12. Half the Battle: Sinkholes Are Only the Beginning of a Botnet’s End
  13. “Operation Source” AAEH Botnet Takedown
  14. The Brief: April 6th, 2015
  15. Finding Malicious Connections within Memory
  16. Why APIs Should Be a Major Factor in Your Security Buying Decisions
  17. Welcome South Africa, OpenDNS's 25th Datacenter!
  18. RSA Conference: Where Research and Real-World Problems Meet
  19. Redesigning MySQL – AWS Tech Talk on the Aurora Database
  20. Solving the Honeynet Forensic Challenge – "Weird Python"
  21. The Brief: March 30th, 2015
  22. The New Normal — We’re All Security Companies Now
  23. One Day Left: Voting for RSA 2015 Crowdsourced Submissions
  24. New Malware Attacks On The Threat Horizon

March 2015

  1. Survey Says…Cloud-Based Security Is Easier, Faster, More Affordable
  2. Business Is About Relationships…so Meet the People of OpenDNS!
  3. How important are security APIs ?
  4. Sandboxing with Privilege: Mobile App Development for the PC World
  5. RSA Gumshoes Panel Questions
  6. New Survey Data Predicts the End of Hub-and-Spoke Networks for Branch Office Connectivity
  7. CactusCon, AZ
  8. WHOIS: Kevin Morrison, Director of Global Security and Compliance at the Results Companies
  9. OpenDNS and Amazon S3: Why DNS Log Monitoring Matters
  10. BSides Austin, TX
  11. RSA Crowdsourced Submissions Explore Emerging Trends in Security
  12. Security Ninjas: An Open Source Application Security Training Program
  13. Raising the Bar on Threat Protection: OpenDNS Acquires BGPmon
  14. End-To-End Provider Testing at PagerDuty
  15. Announcing Simple Cloud-to-Cloud Log Management with OpenDNS and Amazon S3
  16. Internet of Things Security?
  17. Saving Time and Money With Umbrella for MSPs
  18. Utilizing NLP To Detect APT in DNS
  19. OpenDNS Unveils ‘NLPRank,’ a New Model for Advanced Threat Detection
  20. Investigating A Malicious Attachment Without Reversing
  21. OpenDNS Customers On Better Cloud-Delivered Security

February 2015

  1. Draw me a DNS
  2. OpenDNS Measures Customer Success With C.A.R.E.
  3. Get Off-Network Security With OpenDNS’s Roaming Client
  4. Growing Interest in Bro Helps Security Professionals Watch over Their Networks
  5. Google Search Page In Vietnam Hijacked
  6. Fessleak before It Was Cool
  7. OpenDNS Hosts Bro4Pros
  8. Using Algorithms to Brute Force Algorithms
  9. Science as Art
  10. WHOIS: Justin Slaten, Netflix Enterprise Technology Guru
  11. The Importance of Installing Two Virtual Appliances
  12. President Obama: “Cybersecurity is a Shared Mission”
  13. The Final Countdown—Help Get Net Neutrality over the Finish Line
  14. PayPal Phishing Sophistication Growing
  15. A Window on the Connected World: OpenDNS Investigate
  16. Data Breach Laws: What Security Professionals Need To Know
  17. On the Path to Knowledge: My Experience as an Intern at OpenDNS
  18. Skepticism to Backbone in 15 Years: How SaaS Shaped the New Enterprise Security

January 2015

  1. Anatomy of a Facebook Phishing Campaign
  2. Maximize Your Investment With All of the Benefits of OpenDNS
  3. 1000 Hackers and Counting—Celebrating One Year of OpenLate
  4. Visualizing 2014 Attack Data
  5. Brian Roddy Joins OpenDNS Team as EVP of Engineering and Operations
  6. ShmooCon 2015
  7. “I have a next generation firewall (NGFW)—why do I still need OpenDNS?”
  8. Stuxnet Meets Fukushima—How Realistic Is The New Blackhat Film?
  9. Scaling A/B Testing on Netflix.com with Node.js
  10. Disinformation of Charlie Hebdo: Analyzing a Fake BBC News Site
  11. Once More into the Breach…¯_(ツ)_/¯

December 2014

  1. Sony Pictures and North Korea: The Answers You Haven’t Heard Yet
  2. Sony Reveals An Even Bigger Attack on the Internet…This Time, the MPAA is Behind It
  3. Internet of Things (IoT) meets the Internet of Holidays (IoH)
  4. A Year of OpenLate
  5. Looking Ahead: Predictions for Cloud Security in 2015
  6. Customer Success Update: Our First Customer Advisory Board Meeting
  7. Five Questions: Your Top Support Requests…Answered!
  8. X-Raying the Internet Backbone: A 3D View of the AS Graph (Part 1)
  9. Releasing OpenResolve – Docker Image for Domain Information as a REST-like API
  10. VizSec 2014
  11. Introducing a New Platform for Cloud-Delivered Security
  12. OpenDNS to Host the No Big Thing (NBT) Conference
  13. Video – Optimization in Julia

November 2014

  1. Team OpenDNS Talks Turkey: What We’re Thankful for This Year
  2. IRISSCon 2014 Recap
  3. Getting to Know Our Customers — Observations From the Road
  4. 3 Simple Steps towards Safer Browsing
  5. Avoid Scams While Shopping Online This Holiday Season
  6. Data Mining Deep Dive into DarkHotel Domains
  7. OpenDNS Gives Back
  8. WireLurker and Its Patterns
  9. Testing Puppet modules with Vagrant and ServerSpec
  10. Agile: Team Agreements
  11. One Phish, Two Phish, Red Phish, Your Account Details Just Got Stolen.
  12. Interactively Investigate Internet Infrastructure
  13. Announcing Centralized Settings: A New Feature of Umbrella for MSPs
  14. Virus Bulletin 2014 & TrendMicro's FTR Meeting Recap

October 2014

  1. Happy Halloween from OpenDNS!
  2. 5 Tips to Help IT Admins Protect Their Users during National Cyber Security Month
  3. Always Be Advancing: An Update from Customer Success
  4. Docker at OpenDNS
  5. Bayes Impact Hackathon at OpenDNS HQ
  6. Machine Learning in Security Part 1: Language Model Detection in Domains
  7. Identifying the Behavioral Patterns of a Spam Network
  8. From an MSP Service Desk to Helping Other MSPs Secure Their Clients
  9. Hardening Your Infrastructure to Mitigate Leaks of Sensitive Data
  10. Understanding Your Home Network and Keeping It Secure
  11. Gameover Zeus Registration Deep Dive
  12. How OpenDNS Labs Sees the BASH Vulnerability
  13. Renewed Resources
  14. Redesigning Our DNS Database for Low Latency

September 2014

  1. Point of Sale Breach Timeline
  2. Bash, Shellshock and Security: What You Need To Know
  3. 5 Ways Silicon Valley “Startups” Are Approaching Security Differently
  4. S4: IRespond Con Wrap Up
  5. Your Success is Our Success
  6. What is up with Zeus GameOver ?
  7. iOS 8, VPN Issues and Worry-Free Upgrade Instructions
  8. Caching at Scale
  9. Welcome Tokyo, Our 24th Data center!
  10. Welcome Tokyo, Our 24th Data center!
  11. S4 Incident Responder and Researcher Conference: Agenda
  12. SemanticNet: A Python Library for OpenGraphiti
  13. S4 Incident Responder and Researcher Conference – September 18th, 2014 in San Francisco
  14. BoxWorks Preview: Q & A with OpenDNS CEO David Ulevitch
  15. Docker private registry authentication

August 2014

  1. The Hacker's Manifesto Revisited
  2. All the Phish in the Sea
  3. Does Your Domain Have Bad Neighbors?
  4. SC Magazine Review Calls Umbrella “One of the Most Powerful Network Security Services Available”
  5. Why I joined OpenDNS and Infrastructure Engineering
  6. Las Vegas Presentation Recap
  7. DNS redirection, Dual-stacked hosts, and Donut shops
  8. OpenGraphiti: The open source data visualization engine for busy hackers
  9. Minilock: Confidentiality Made Simple
  10. SynoLocker: A New Ransomware Targeting Synology Devices
  11. OpenDNS Is Heading to Vegas!

July 2014

  1. Cracking Pushdo and How to Bust Through Most Crypters
  2. Trojan? You mean like the Malware?
  3. Spoiler Alert! You Are Under Attack
  4. Visualizing Domain Registration Relationships by WHOIS Information
  5. One Site, One Request? Not These Days
  6. OpenDNS Labs Releases CRITs Service Module
  7. What Is the Difference Between Authoritative and Recursive DNS Nameservers?
  8. Gameover ZeuS Switches From P2P to DGA
  9. Creating a Culture of Security Awareness
  10. Do you have a security blind spot?
  11. Targeted Attacks by Penguins, Cyborgs and Athletes
  12. Code Community: OpenLate Javascript Night Recap
  13. The Security Internship
  14. IP Routing, AWS, and Docker

June 2014

  1. OpenDNS Open Sources Autotask Web Service API Client
  2. NXDOMAIN, NODATA and debugging DNS for dual-stacked hosts
  3. You Keep Using That Word. I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means.
  4. From Dedicated to Compromised Domains: The Shift in Adversaries’ MO to Deliver Exploit Kit Attacks
  5. Hackathon: Programming for non-programmers
  6. Mid-Year Hackathon: By the numbers
  7. First Product of the 2014 H2 Hackathon
  8. Why Ads and Security Don’t Mix
  9. SANS Digital Forensics and Incident Response Summit Recap
  10. Code Community: OpenLate Python Night Recap
  11. Why Using Real World Data Matters for Building Effective Security Models
  12. Dual Stack + DNS Search Domains = Host Roulette
  13. Honeypots, Botnets, and Spyware, Oh My!

May 2014

  1. No more ads
  2. The Difference Between a "Good Team" and an "All-Star Team"
  3. CnC? Botnet? Speak English Already!
  4. Launching Two-Step Verification
  5. New OpenDNS Data Centers in Canada Eh?! Hello Vancouver and Toronto.
  6. New OpenDNS Data Centers in Canada Eh?! Hello Vancouver and Toronto!
  7. Network Security for the Eroding Enterprise Perimeter: Webcast Recap
  8. Source Boston 2014
  9. Statistics "Big Data" Architecture
  10. New Funding for OpenDNS
  11. Realistic Network Rendering with PovRay
  12. A Team Overview
  13. Password Security Is as Easy as 1234567
  14. Code Community: Sticker Exchange at OpenLate
  15. Welcome Sydney, Our 21st Data Center!
  16. Proxy as a Platform
  17. Xerox Printer Beacons And The Importance of Documentation

April 2014

  1. Automating Umbrella Using Kaseya
  2. Friday Spikes
  3. For Managed Services, Always Carry an Umbrella
  4. Attack Prediction: Malicious gTLD Squatting May Be The Next Big Threat
  5. Using Data Breadcrumbs to ID Targeted Attacks
  6. 5 Recommendations for Security Without Baggage
  7. Hitting the Ground Running
  8. Code Community: OpenLate Goes International
  9. When Suspended Domains Are Actually Targeted Attacks

March 2014

  1. CanSecWest Vancouver 2014 Report
  2. Evolution of the MSP
  3. Syria, Speculation, and Specifics
  4. If Syria Falls Off The Internet, Does Anyone Notice?
  5. Answering Your Big Questions on Big Data
  6. DNS Amplification Attacks
  7. WordPress DDoS Visibility from OpenDNS
  8. The Only Easy (Research) Day Was Yesterday
  9. RSA Recap
  10. BSides SF 2014 Recap

February 2014

  1. Code Community: Introducing OpenLate @ OpenDNS
  2. Building a Sinkhole That Never Clogs
  3. Code Community: Introducing OpenLate @ OpenDNS
  4. Rethinking Cyber-Security in the Age of Relentless Attacks
  5. The Art of Security
  6. When IPs go Nuclear
  7. OpenDNS Recognized as #1 Innovative Enterprise Security Startup
  8. Data Exploration : A virtual tour of the Security Graph
  9. OpenDNS and FireEye: A New Security Partnership

January 2014

  1. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  2. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  3. Examining the Target Attack and Carding Sites Using Security Graph
  4. Can’t wait to try Umbrella security? You don’t have to.
  5. Beyond the Hype: Understanding How Predictive Threat Intelligence Is Delivered
  6. Phishing or official? Target’s “Credit Card Monitoring” Email from BFI0.com
  7. Taking a closer look at WHOIS

December 2013

  1. Operation Kelihos: Presented at BotConf 2013
  2. The Wrap Up: Containing Cryptolocker Webcast
  3. BotConf & BayThreat 2013
  4. Speed, Security, and Safety Through DNS
  5. Visualizing Attack Data: 2013 Review
  6. Tomorrow’s Webcast – Containing Cryptolocker
  7. Top Ten: Holiday Shopping Security Tips
  8. Using HyperLogLog to Detect Malware Faster Than Ever
  9. Upcoming MSP Webcast | How to Improve Your Bottom Line

November 2013

  1. Black Friday: Stampedes, Scams, and Malicious Intent
  2. OpenDNS Gives Thanks
  3. Cryptolocker 3D Visualization
  4. Internet Territories: Introducing IP Infection Maps
  5. Amazon, Pandora, and OpenDNS: How Data Unlocks Our Predictive Powers
  6. Ищет добровольцев присоединиться к зонтик безопасности Labs сообщества!
  7. Delighting the Customer: Introducing the Umbrella Account Management Team
  8. The SF Security Community Gathers at OpenDNS for S4!
  9. Fast Predictive Detection of Malware domains: A New System presented at BSides Raleigh 2013
  10. Microsoft Office Zero-day Exploit
  11. Join us for our Fall S4 Meetup!
  12. Umbrella for MSPs Protects Networks Against CryptoLocker
  13. Two Months Later, Cryptolocker remains at large

October 2013

  1. Happy Halloween from OpenDNS!
  2. The google.rw hijack nobody else noticed
  3. Finding the Patterns in a Mysterious New DGA
  4. David Named to the MSPmentor 250
  5. Dropbox Phish Spreads Zeus Trojan
  6. Data in Movement: The Frenetic Dance of a State Machine
  7. Investigating a New Botnet with the Security Graph
  8. Top Ten: The Most Important Cyber Security Tips for Your Users
  9. Did Someone Say Road Trip?
  10. Bringing School Back to Us: Meet our College Student Interns
  11. ZeroMQ: Helping us Block Malicious Domains in Real Time
  12. October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month
  13. Five Key Takeaways from our Big Data Webcast

September 2013

  1. The Ripple Effect: Containing Cryptolocker
  2. FBI Ransomware Targeting OS X: Chrome No Longer Immune
  3. Real Time Monitoring of Kelihos Fast Flux Botnet: A Case Study for APWG eCrime 2013
  4. Inside the Random Forest: A Journey to Wildlife Classification.
  5. Meet our team: Vinny LaRiza, Community Moderator
  6. A look at a "LinkedIn Spam mail, Blackhole, ZeroAccess" campaign
  7. Suspicious Responses: Shining a New Light on an Old Threat
  8. What the Recent SEA Hacks Mean for IT Security

August 2013

  1. High Profile Domains Under Siege
  2. That’s the Ticket – Six Questions for OpenDNS Support
  3. Your Questions Answered: Security Without Sacrifices
  4. Where in the World are Infected Devices Most Common?
  5. There and Back Again: OpenDNS Hits the Road!
  6. Networks in Space: When data goes supernova
  7. Security Without Sacrifices: A Brief Introduction
  8. Announcing New Security Categories
  9. Your Questions Answered: Why Security Should Work the Way the Internet Does
  10. Seamless Campus-Wide Protection Without Latency: Fighting Back Against University Cyber Attacks

July 2013

  1. Tracking Versatile Kelihos Domains
  2. Seven Years of Innovation, and Beyond
  3. Announcing the 2013 OpenDNS SysAdmin Award Winners!
  4. Discovering Malicious Domains Using Co-Occurrences
  5. SysAdmins – In Their Own Words
  6. Fake PC Optimizer Scam Uncovered
  7. 9 Things New Employees Learn in the First Week at OpenDNS
  8. Massive Algorithmic Discovery and Beyond
  9. 2nd Graphlab Workshop 2013
  10. We’re Kicking Off SysAdmin Appreciation Month in Style!

June 2013

  1. Update: Domain tagging categories are getting a facelift.
  2. Your questions answered: Ensuring Appropriate Use on Guest or Public Wi-Fi
  3. Announcing the 2013 OpenDNS SysAdmin Awards!
  4. Four standout trends at the Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit
  5. Behind the scenes: meet the engineering team dedicated to creating happy customers
  6. Crime scene evidence of an infected site: Predicting malware by examining server software
  7. BSides New Orleans 2013
  8. The OpenDNS Forums and IdeaBank now live in our new Support Portal

May 2013

  1. Meet Jeff Samuels, OpenDNS’s First-Ever Chief Marketing Officer
  2. Introducing the new Umbrella MSP Console, the smartest way to secure all your clients and improve profitability
  3. Running A Code-A-Thon
  4. Big Data Driven Security with Splunk
  5. Busted: 5 Common Myths About Web Security
  6. Announcing the Security Community Forums
  7. Details on exploit kits, as told by the Umbrella Security Graph
  8. D3 + MV* Framework Visualization Meetup
  9. Why real-time detection of compromised hosts has become critical
  10. VIDEO: OpenDNS talks to Bloomberg TV about Syria
  11. Breaking news: Traffic from Syria Disappears from Internet
  12. Breaking News: Traffic to Syria drops off the Internet

April 2013

  1. Join the webcast: Cloud-delivered Web filtering for K-12 networks and 1:1 programs
  2. Hey Managed Service Providers, Meet OpenDNS at Kaseya Connect!
  3. H2O and Streamdrill Meetup
  4. Introducing Internal Networks: map your entire distributed network with ease
  5. Evolution of the Security Venn
  6. Meet Jared, a member of the Umbrella Labs Security Community
  7. Six new datacenters come online in Europe
  8. On the trail of malicious dynamic DNS domains
  9. Why we love Apache Pig
  10. Field Reports: How FLEXcon reduced malware by 98% with Umbrella by OpenDNS
  11. Preserving privacy and providing transparency in a world of always-on security
  12. 3 Reasons to Meet OpenDNS At EDUCAUSE Security Professionals Conference

March 2013

  1. Introducing SecureRank, a large-scale discovery algorithm for predictive detection
  2. Attention All Elite Security Experts!
  3. Big News from OpenDNS
  4. [INFOGRAPHIC] How Umbrella Security Labs Delivers Advanced Malware Protection
  5. Despite DNS break, OpenDNS users can still access Instagr.am links
  6. A look at the relationship between parked domains and malware
  7. Three key factors that prevent most security vendors from getting ahead of malware threats
  8. How the infrastructure behind the OpenDNS global network powers Umbrella reporting
  9. Tipsheet: Five questions to ask your Internet security vendor about Big Data
  10. Five Reasons Engineers Love Working at OpenDNS
  11. Spring Cleaning: Five IT Tips to Keep Your Business in Secure Order
  12. Why Richland Community College prefers malware protection without proxies or appliances
  14. Become an OpenDNS moderator and join a passionate community
  15. OpenDNS Wins 2013 HBS Alumni Growth Award
  16. Overcoming the hype around Big Data and Internet Security
  17. Introducing Sodium, a new cryptographic library
  18. OpenDNS Hosts Security Researchers and Innovators During RSA
  19. Introducing Sodium, a New Cryptographic Library
  20. The top five trends at BSides, the security community's alternative to RSA

February 2013

  1. An intimate look at APT1, China’s Cyber-Espionage Threat
  2. Meet Conrad, a Member of the Umbrella Labs Security Community
  3. Locking Down: Whitelist-Only Mode
  4. Details on the NBC Attack as exposed by the Umbrella Security Graph
  5. Umbrella Security Labs exposes details on the NBC.com attacks
  6. Scalable security: Campus-wide malware protection without appliances or proxies
  7. A love letter to early adopters
  8. Kelihos is back (with a vengeance) in its third incarnation
  9. Fresh from the Umbrella Product Team: Improved Policy Wizard
  10. Pants on Fire: A look at how OpenDNS delivered Umbrella Mobility
  11. How Big Data is Transforming Internet Security and Threat Prediction
  12. Introducing the Umbrella Security Graph : Where Big Data meets Security
  13. What DNS can tell us about the Yahoo Mail Compromise
  14. Linux Servers at Risk of Backdoor Access

January 2013

  1. OpenDNS by the numbers in 2012
  2. Meet Francesco, a Member of the Umbrella Labs Security Community
  3. Discovery of New Malicious Domains Using Authoritative Name Server Traffic
  4. The role of country code top-level domains (ccTLDs) in malware classification
  6. Umbrella wins PC Magazine’s Editors’ Choice Award!
  7. Java 0 Day Exploit (CVE-2013-0422) Distribution Domains
  8. How OpenDNS achieves high availability with Anycast routing
  9. How likely is a domain to be malicious? Here's a look at the stats and graphs that help us decide.
  10. Cheat sheet: Appliance vs. Cloud-Delivered Internet Security

December 2012

  1. Exploring Big Data with the OpenDNS and Pandora research teams
  2. Blue Coat + Crossbeam: Why doubling down on hardware won’t make users more secure.
  3. Considering moving Internet security to the cloud in 2013? This webcast can help you decide.
  4. Exploring Big Data with the OpenDNS and Pandora research teams
  5. Top 10 most failed domains during Syria’s Internet blackout
  6. Top 10 most failed domains during Syria’s Internet blackout

November 2012

  1. 5 tips for safer online shopping this holiday season.
  2. Watch the recorded webcast: Redefining Security for Nomadic Workers
  3. Whether company-owned or BYOD, location matters when it comes to enforcing policy.
  4. GraphConnect Conference
  5. Meet Umbrella: Mobile, Roaming and Everywhere Security by OpenDNS
  6. Meet Umbrella: Mobile, Roaming and Everywhere Security by OpenDNS
  7. Face it: Your users are accessing company data over unsecured Wi-FI networks

October 2012

  1. Fun with Web deobfuscation
  2. Ubiquitous connectivity requires ubiquitous security.
  3. Fun with Web deobfuscation
  4. Cloud Security Alliance: Top Threats to Mobile Computing
  5. Cloud Security Alliance: Top Threats to Mobile Computing
  6. The way we work has changed. Why hasn’t security?

September 2012

  1. Meet our team: Ashley Williams, Customer Support
  2. Field Reports: Why Retail Chains Love OpenDNS
  3. New Malware Sites using Blackhole Exploit Kit v2.0
  4. New Malware Sites using Blackhole Exploit Kit v2.0
  5. Meet our team: Lilian Nash, Customer Success
  6. S4 con: A success
  7. S4 con: A success
  8. New data center live: Hong Kong
  9. Field Reports: Why cutting-edge technology companies rely on OpenDNS for security

August 2012

  1. Java 0-Day Details
  2. Java 0-Day Details
  3. The Intern Tells All: My Summer at OpenDNS
  4. Field Reports: Why “Painless and Lightweight” OpenDNS Enterprise Works for a Pennsylvania Library System
  5. Security expert Jerry Gamblin tells you how to improve your business’s network security
  6. Do you use iCloud? You might want to think twice…
  7. Field Reports: Why Tim Hortons trusts OpenDNS to protect its brand name
  8. Visualizing Threats in Big Data
  9. Webinar: Learn about the role of DNS in botnet command and control
  10. AT&T’s DNS customers suffered service disruptions. OpenDNS users stay connected.
  11. Read this before you travel: Three tips for online security while you’re on the road
  12. Why the U.K.’s trusted large-scale Wi-Fi provider chooses OpenDNS
  13. Visualizing Threats in Big Data
  14. Field Reports: An award-winning arts institution chooses “one-click-and-done” Web filtering and malware protection
  15. Mobile security: What’s your carrier’s responsibility?
  16. 2012 SysAdmin Awards: And the winner is…
  17. Field Reports: No-bottleneck Web filtering for 9,000 employees across 34 global locations

July 2012

  1. From Black Hat: Step up and join the fight against anonymous hackers
  2. Happy SysAdmin Appreciation Day to SysAdmins Across the Globe
  3. Noticed less spam lately? This could be why.
  4. Field Reports: How OpenDNS Enterprise ensures a safe learning environment, despite rapid growth
  5. SysAdmin Awards: Coolest. Trophy. Ever.
  6. Calling all elite security experts: Apply to be among the first malware domain taggers
  7. Field Reports: Thoughts from an OpenDNS Enterprise Insights early adopter
  8. Field Reports: Why Houston Public Schools trusts OpenDNS to keep students and teachers safe online
  9. Calling all elite security experts: Apply to be among the first malware domain taggers
  10. OpenDNS security research: “Blackhole” Exploit Kit DGA Analysis
  11. SysAdmin Caption Contest Top 10. Can you do better?
  12. “Blackhole” Exploit Kit DGA Analysis
  13. DNSChanger: Don’t let your friends get caught without Internet on July 9
  14. Sneak Peek: Making of the 2012 SysAdmin Awards Trophies
  15. Introducing Enterprise Insights: Painless AD integration with the power of OpenDNS cloud-based security!

June 2012

  1. Call For Applications: OpenDNS Looking for Domain Taggers
  2. Field Reports: Why National Holdings Replaced SonicWALL with OpenDNS Enterprise
  3. S4: San Francisco Summer Security Series
  4. OpenDNS Enterprise: The cloud-based security service 90% of customers choose again.
  5. S4: San Francisco Summer Security Series
  6. Introducing new Web filtering categories from OpenDNS
  7. Field Reports: Why an Internet-focused company considers OpenDNS Enterprise an “ideal-fit”
  8. Are your users’ passwords secure enough?
  9. Field Reports: For a 27-location company, OpenDNS Enterprise just makes sense
  10. Announcing the 2012 OpenDNS SysAdmin Awards
  11. Disruption in Security: A New Paradigm for Prevention
  12. Disruption in Security: A New Paradigm for Prevention
  13. Field Reports: Why using OpenDNS for an 80% malware reduction “makes everyone happier.”
  14. Gartner: OpenDNS is a 2012 “Cool Vendor in Cloud Security”
  15. Unique insight into Flame malware
  16. Unique insight into Flame malware

May 2012

  1. Field Reports: Why an agile pharmaceutical company switched from Symantec to OpenDNS
  2. Malware Alert: OpenDNS users protected from Flame malware
  3. A milestone for the record books: 50 million people choose OpenDNS
  4. Field Reports: How a Swiss IT Solutions Provider makes Web filtering for 15K+ students less complex
  5. Field Reports: Why a leading university replaced Blue Coat with OpenDNS Enterprise
  6. Enough about Big Data. Let’s talk Big Information.
  7. Traveling this summer? Then read this.
  8. Enough about Big Data. Let’s talk Big Information.
  9. It’s time to OpenDNS your parents
  10. Coming soon to a Mac near you: Gatekeeper
  11. DNSCrypt for Windows has arrived.
  12. A movie about security, and why we're contributing.
  13. A movie about security, and why we’re contributing.
  14. Welcome to the new OpenDNS headquarters
  15. OpenDNS + CloudFlare == DNSChanger solution. Or, how to not lose Internet on July 9
  16. Headed to the EDUCAUSE Security Professionals Conference? Drinks are on us!

April 2012

  1. Field Reports: Why a school district switched from Barracuda Networks to eliminate bottlenecks
  2. Disruption in Security (Part 3 of 5)
  3. Disruption in Security (Part 3 of 5)
  4. Field Reports: Why a safety-focused company replaced Websense to improve network security
  5. Flashback: Much ado about something
  6. Field Reports: How a fun and innovative brand transformed Internet security to match their culture
  7. Disruption in Security (part 2 of 5)
  8. Disruption in Security (part 2 of 5)

March 2012

  1. Field Reports: How a growing rental car agency is making malware protection E-Z
  2. Blog series: Disruption in Security (Part 1 of 5)
  3. Blog series: Disruption in Security (Part 1 of 5)
  4. Field Reports: How do seasoned IT pros handle malware? They prevent it.
  5. Call for beta testers: DNSCrypt for Windows
  6. Field Reports: How to effortlessly secure 6,000 students and their personal devices
  7. Field Reports: How to get ahead of the learning curve with cost-effective services
  8. Why I joined OpenDNS (From Dan Hubbard, CTO)
  9. Why I joined OpenDNS (From Dan Hubbard, CTO)
  10. Contest: the OpenDNS Domain Tagging Golden Ticket Event is back

February 2012

  1. Field Reports: A lesson plan for reducing administrative overhead
  2. Field Reports: How an automotive dealership drives network security
  3. Tales from the DNSCrypt: Linux Rising
  4. Field Reports: How to instantly add an extra set of hands to your IT team
  5. Five questions with an OpenDNS user: Leonie Smith
  6. Field Reports: How fewer bells and whistles add up to more protection
  7. Want to do something that matters? Then read on.
  8. The plumbing of the Internet: A cyber criminal’s dream? Or a network admin’s nightmare?
  9. The Advantages of Malware & Botnet Protection at the DNS Layer
  10. Field Reports: How to secure Wi-Fi on a moving target

January 2012

  1. You talk tech, we’ll buy the pizza.
  2. Announcing: Firefox Toolbar for OpenDNS Domain Tagging is Here!
  3. OpenDNS and the SOPA blackout: The censorship you can expect
  4. Little victories: Yesterday’s win means we’re one step closer to stopping SOPA and PIPA
  5. OpenDNS’s Free Parental Controls Protects Your iPads, Kindles, and mobile devices too!

December 2011

  1. Top 2011 holiday phishing scams to watch for
  2. DNSCrypt – Critical, fundamental, and about time.

November 2011

  1. Phishing Quiz v2.0 – Can you spot a phish?
  2. Become an OpenDNS Moderator, and Improve the Internet for Everyone
  3. Can you spot a phishing site? Take our quiz to find out.
  4. A tour of the new OpenDNS.com
  5. The new, next big thing? Test fresh code!
  6. An open letter to Congress about SOPA and Protect IP

October 2011

  1. Ninety percent of public K-12 schools in Maine use OpenDNS
  2. Customer success: Shea Homes builds a more secure and scalable network with OpenDNS Enterprise
  3. Five Questions with an OpenDNS User: Richard Wang
  4. The role of government in content filtering
  5. Five Questions with an OpenDNS user: Thomas Mitchell
  6. 15,000 New OpenDNS Users Thanks to One Man’s Passion for the Service
  7. Best Week Ever! Best Week Ever!

September 2011

  1. The phish that almost duped PhishTank. Almost.
  2. Five Questions with an OpenDNS User: Jonathan Rhodes
  3. Five Questions with an OpenDNS User: Rick Beckman
  4. There’s no “I” in Twtter: How to outsmart typosquatting

August 2011

  1. Five Questions with an OpenDNS User: Brandon Halsey
  2. ISPs hijacking search keywords using DNS?
  3. OpenDNS Datacenter Monitoring Station
  4. Contest: Vote on a domain and find a Golden Ticket

July 2011

  1. Drumroll Please: Announcing The 2011 OpenDNS SysAdmin Awards Winners!
  2. 22 Trillion DNS Requests Later, OpenDNS Turns Five
  3. Five Questions with Deepak Kumar Vasudevan
  4. OpenDNS plays nicely with Mac OS X Lion
  5. SysAdmins: Let us remind your boss that you rock!
  6. iPhones, iPads and Androids; an IT coming of age story
  7. Sign up now: webinar Thursday about rock-solid OpenDNS malware protection
  8. SysAdmin Awards: Just a few days left to nominate!

June 2011

  1. Better malware protection for all OpenDNS Enterprise customers
  2. Announcing the 2011 OpenDNS SysAdmin Awards
  3. OpenDNS.com: now reachable over IPv6
  4. Talking about OpenDNS? We’re here to help.
  5. Check out the new OpenDNS Enterprise Demos!

May 2011

  1. How people really use LinkedIn: The truth is in the numbers
  2. The way we’re phished: More Americans click phishing scams in the morning
  3. The proposed White House cybersecurity bill explained
  4. Call for applications: OpenDNS Moderators
  5. Understanding the Facebook “Find out who views your profile” scam
  6. IPv6 Recursive DNS, Delivered Fresh

April 2011

  1. A new POP in Frankfurt, and some sysadmin travel tips
  2. A better privacy policy
  3. How to Identify a Spear Phish
  4. Tag a Domain For Good – All Month Long
  5. Announcing the “Internet Phonebook”

March 2011

  1. Some Thoughts on the Approval of .XXX
  2. Milestone: 30 Billion DNS Requests in a day! Woo Hoo!

February 2011

  1. Five Questions with an OpenDNS User: Charlie Schloss
  2. Phishing, PayPal and the Challenges of Reporting Accurate Data
  3. A New Way To Give Us Feedback
  4. Reflecting on the World Economic Forum in Davos

January 2011

  1. Lessons From This Morning
  2. 2010: The Numbers We Saw
  3. DNS Outage? Simple Setup for OpenDNS

December 2010

  1. Five Questions with an OpenDNS User: Kyle P. Snyder
  2. Happy Holidays from OpenDNS
  3. End of the Year Contest: OpenDNS Haiku [Updated!]
  4. The Dangers of COICA

November 2010

  1. A Quick Welcome to Our Newest Users
  2. Five Questions with an OpenDNS User: MePush’s Conor Quinlan
  3. New Datacenter Live: Singapore
  4. Five Questions with an OpenDNS User: Daniel Côté
  5. Five Questions with an OpenDNS User: Francisco Aparecido da Silva
  6. Heading to LISA ’10 Next Week? Connect with OpenDNS
  7. OpenDNS for Managed Service Providers HAS ARRIVED!

October 2010

  1. Five Questions with an OpenDNS User: Gary Rogers
  2. Happy Birthday to OpenDNS Enterprise
  3. Five Questions with an OpenDNS User: Bradley Chambers
  4. The Anatomy of an AdWords Phish
  5. Celebrate National Cyber Security Awareness Month

September 2010

  1. Five Questions with an OpenDNS User: James Trippe
  2. And the Prize for Best Slogan Goes To…
  3. Benvenuti ai Nostri Amici Italiani
  4. Five Questions with an OpenDNS User: Alexander Brown
  5. Proxies and Anonymizers: No Match for OpenDNS
  6. New Feature: Greater Block Page Customization
  7. Five Questions with an OpenDNS User: Keith Young
  8. Five Questions with an OpenDNS User: Cameron Brister
  9. World Economic Forum Names OpenDNS a 2011 Technology Pioneer

August 2010

  1. Five Questions with an OpenDNS User: Matt Bassel
  2. The Biggest Growth Week in OpenDNS History
  3. A Huge Endorsement for OpenDNS from Noted New York Times Tech Columnist, David Pogue
  4. Five Questions with an OpenDNS User: Robert Warren
  5. Thank you, Georgia Department of Education, for Choosing OpenDNS!
  6. Milestone: 1 Million Phishes Submitted to PhishTank
  7. One Million Phishes That Didn’t Happen

July 2010

  1. Last Day for Boss Reminder Service Sign-Ups!
  2. Calling Craig Heffner
  3. We’ve Given the Dashboard a Fresh Coat of Paint!
  4. Happy 4th Birthday OpenDNS!
  5. Webinar Next Tuesday: Deploying OpenDNS at Colleges and Universities
  6. Let Us Remind Your Boss About SysAdmin Day
  7. SysAdmin Award Winners Announced

June 2010

  1. Introducing FamilyShield Parental Controls
  2. SysAdmin of the Year Awards: Get Your Nominations In!
  3. Ain’t No Party Like a SysAdmin Appreciation Party: Wed, July 28 at DNA Lounge in San Francisco
  4. The Risk is There: Researchers Connect Pornography and Malware
  5. Webinar tomorrow: Testing OpenDNS at school during summer break. Still time to sign up!
  6. New Addition to SysAdmin Awards: K-12 Category
  7. 1 in 3 K-12 Schools uses OpenDNS. Know one of them?
  8. Announcing the 2010 SysAdmin of the Year Awards

May 2010

  1. New feature today: Time Zone Preferences
  2. How SmartCache could have saved Germany
  3. Webinar tomorrow: OpenDNS for remote and branch offices. Still time to sign up!

April 2010

  1. You’re invited: Waffle Wednesday at OpenDNS HQ
  2. It’s almost tax day. Good thing you use OpenDNS.
  3. Don’t Forget to Take OpenDNS to Work this Month
  4. OpenDNS Security Webinar next week: All about malware protection
  5. Take OpenDNS to work in April
  6. More on Our Post Office Partnership

March 2010

  1. Happy 25th .com!

February 2010

  1. OpenDNS adopts DNSCurve
  2. Block Page Bypass available in OpenDNS Enterprise
  3. TRUSTe certification and Privacy Policy changes
  4. OpenDNS Engineers are Elite
  5. Another week, another milestone

January 2010

  1. Webinar: why DNS is the best medium for Web content filtering, stats and more
  2. Take advantage of all OpenDNS offers in 2010

December 2009

  1. Headed home for the holidays? Set up OpenDNS for loved ones.
  2. OpenDNS is Recruiting Passionate Team Members!
  3. Milestone: 20 billion DNS queries in 24 hours
  4. Some thoughts on Google DNS
  5. How to enable SmartCache for your network

November 2009

  1. 10 reasons to give OpenDNS Deluxe this holiday season
  2. OpenDNS matching Google’s free airport WiFi gift with free services for the holidays.

October 2009

  1. Event Calendar: SysAdmin for a large installation? Join OpenDNS at LISA
  2. Decision: SmartCache in OpenDNS Basic
  3. OpenDNS Deluxe and OpenDNS Enterprise have arrived.
  4. Dear Chairman Genachowski, we want net neutrality, too.
  5. Webinar: all about OpenDNS Enterprise (in 30 mins)

September 2009

  1. Introducing OpenDNS Deluxe and OpenDNS Enterprise

August 2009

  1. New datacenter live: Amsterdam
  2. Visit our new K-12 school forums
  3. Just in time for back to school – OpenDNS K-12 schools webinar this week [updated]

July 2009

  1. Let us remind your boss about SysAdmin Appreciation Day
  2. Reminder: SysAdmin Appreciation Party in SF tonight
  3. Party like a SysAdmin in San Francisco July 29th

June 2009

  1. Now serving: 14 billion requests daily…
  2. Domain Tagging milestone: 5 million domains submitted, 1 million verified
  3. Introducing Best Path Networks

April 2009

  1. SmartCache: the best reason yet to switch to OpenDNS
  2. OpenDNS in lights: Forbes, San Jose Mercury News
  3. Do you have Conficker? Find out in your OpenDNS account.

March 2009

  1. Worried about Conficker on April 1? Setting up OpenDNS can protect your network.
  2. March Madness – bandwidth hog (again)?

February 2009

  1. Stats are back; and we’re blocking Conficker

January 2009

  1. David Ulevitch on the future of DNS security at RSA

December 2008

  1. News Feed: Facebook became a fan of OpenDNS.
  2. Webinar this week: OpenDNS for K-12 schools
  3. FREE Holiday gift idea: Give the Gift of Safe

November 2008

  1. Getting started gets even easier

September 2008

  1. One Web Day 2008 – Free the Net
  2. Bleeding Purple at Yahoo Hack Day
  3. New design for our website!

July 2008

  1. Woo Hoo! 7,000,000,000 requests served in a single day!
  2. Welcome new OpenDNS users
  3. Happy SysAdmin Appreciation Day!
  4. Managing your DNS has never been this easy!
  5. OpenDNS – Keeping you safe day after day
  6. Announcing the 2008 OpenDNS SysAdmin Awards

June 2008

  1. Party like a SysAdmin in SF (And OpenDNS turns 2)

May 2008

  1. PhishTank April ‘08 stats. Learn to protect yourself, your company.
  2. Domain Tagging updates

April 2008

  1. BusinessWeek: David Ulevitch most promising entrepreneur
  2. Finally, a real solution to DNS rebinding attacks

March 2008

  1. NCAA tournament – bandwidth hog?
  2. OpenDNS is hiring!

February 2008

  1. Get out the vote for OpenDNS!
  2. 30 new reasons to use OpenDNS

January 2008

  1. OpenDNS – helping those who help themselves
  2. OpenDNS is for everyone. And your service should be too.
  3. Webinar: Using OpenDNS stats to your advantage
  4. Six more services for DNS-O-Matic
  5. Friends of OpenDNS at CES?
  6. 3 million people. Number of OpenDNS users or population of LA?

December 2007

  1. DNS-O-Matic adds another half-dozen services
  2. Custom messages get more custom
  3. Chris Pirillo gave the Gift of Safe to his Dad. Who will you give it to?
  4. Update the world with DNS-O-Matic

November 2007

  1. OpenDNS seeks future global infrastructure hacker
  2. Facebook: to block or not to block
  3. 500 Billion DNS Requests

October 2007

  1. Take OpenDNS to School Month – 8 days left
  2. OpenDNS: more volume than the NYSE
  3. Listen up: David explains the PhishTank annual report
  4. Take OpenDNS to School: 83 and counting!
  5. David on the radio tonight!
  6. Take OpenDNS to school in October

September 2007

  1. Extreme makeover: OpenDNS.com edition
  2. Help us tackle really large problems at OpenDNS
  3. OpenDNS Updater offers dynamic IP update for Macs

August 2007

  1. OpenDNS resolves 300 billion requests, no downtime
  2. How to forward requests from Simple DNS Plus to OpenDNS
  3. Adult Site Blocking has a new category: proxies
  4. Don’t want to block everything? Use your whitelist!

July 2007

  1. Winner announced: SysAdmin Challenge No. 4
  2. Power blinks in SF, OpenDNS doesn’t wince
  3. SysAdmin challenge No. 4: “SysAdmin, you’re my hero”
  4. Visualize your DNS with the OpenDNS Dashboard
  5. OpenDNS Privacy Policy updated
  6. Winner announced: SysAdmin Challenge No. 3
  7. Telecom Italia not responding to OpenDNS
  8. SysAdmin Challenge No. 3: A sysadmin walks into a bar…
  9. Winner announced: SysAdmin Challenge No. 2
  10. SysAdmin Challenge No. 2: Are you a poet and know it?
  11. David profiled in the New York Times
  12. Winner announced: SysAdmin challenge No. 1
  13. Virgin Media (formerly NTL) allows third-party DNS, including OpenDNS
  14. Time’s almost up – get your submissions in!
  15. SysAdmin challenge No. 1: PC Load Letter? What the %#* does that mean?

June 2007

  1. I just saved a bunch of money on my DNS service by switching to OpenDNS!
  2. OpenDNS Terms of Use updated
  3. I have this friend, who saw this website…
  4. T-minus 30 days: The countdown to SysAdmin Appreciation Day Begins
  5. OpenDNS resolves 200 billion requests, never blinks
  6. What’s considered an adult site? Find out…
  7. DNS outages are not Comcastic
  8. Adult site blocking now available on OpenDNS
  9. Some feedback for a Friday?

May 2007

  1. OpenDNS gets an A+
  2. Google turns the page… in a bad way.
  3. OpenDNS Proxy FAQ
  4. Phishing data should be shared
  5. Block the bad guys with OpenDNS!
  6. OpenDNS CEO David Ulevitch. On. The. Radio.
  7. Put an OpenDNS shortcut on your site
  8. Find your stats, all in one place

April 2007

  1. .org is having a tough day
  2. Shortcuts in the news!
  3. Saving time with shortcuts
  4. Shortcut your way around the web!
  5. OpenDNS.com gets a makeover
  6. Account-less preferences removed
  7. Last reminder: get a free account for custom preferences
  8. Five Questions With an OpenDNS User: Judi Sohn
  9. Help us stay responsive; work at OpenDNS

March 2007

  1. Reminder: Account-less prefs are going away!
  2. OpenDNS serves over 100 billion DNS requests
  3. Wii love OpenDNS
  4. Brown University should use OpenDNS
  5. Contact email is back up
  6. Five Questions With an OpenDNS Mobile User: Jason Sjobeck

February 2007

  1. OpenDNS Accounts to replace account-less preferences in April
  2. CBS 5: “OpenDNS Makes the Internet Fast”
  3. Making CacheCheck easier to use
  4. Great minds think alike…but some are luckier than others

January 2007

  1. Newsforge: OpenDNS is faster in India
  2. OpenDNS buttons? Sweet!
  3. Typo correction and URIBLs… like peanut butter and chocolate
  4. Everyone uses OpenDNS
  5. What are you waiting for? Use OpenDNS at work
  6. OpenDNS for iPhone…it will happen
  7. Lycos and Hotwired experiencing DNS problems

December 2006

  1. Live from London, it’s OpenDNS!
  2. OpenDNS Forums: You’ve got questions. Lots of us have answers.
  3. How OpenDNS saved Caio’s job
  4. OpenDNS serves half a billion queries. w00t!!!
  5. How to be sure a domain is resolving correctly: CacheCheck
  6. Opera adds phishing protection, powered by PhishTank
  7. Lifehacker: OpenDNS is one of the best apps of 2006!
  8. Five questions with an OpenDNS user: John Fitch
  9. OpenDNS now typo-correcting for .it domains
  10. Welcome Italians, Italiani benvenuti
  11. Gift of Safe – keep on giving!
  12. OpenDNS recursive DNS keeps on tickin’, EveryDNS took a lickin’
  13. OpenDNS.com website down briefly; no impact to core DNS service
  14. Give the Gift of Safe

November 2006

  1. OpenDNS loves Omaha
  2. OpenDNS Thanks Its Users with Cranberry Choice for Thanksgiving
  3. Let OpenDNS help you give thanks
  4. Calling all Dynamic DNS software developers
  5. Five questions with an OpenDNS user: Mike Lucas
  6. Mozilla chooses PhishTank data
  7. OpenDNS at ISPCON
  8. How would you like your DNS today?
  9. Five questions with an OpenDNS user: Richard Hughes
  10. David Pogue loves OpenDNS!

October 2006

  1. Hey MySpace.com — we can’t reach you on
  2. Going to ISPCON? Remember “O” for OpenDNS
  3. HughesNet satellite broadband customers cannot use OpenDNS at this time
  4. OpenDNS: “Amazing” and an “All-time favorite”
  5. Thanks for help with D-Link and Actiontec routers
  6. D-Link, Actiontec, Blackberry users: We need your help!
  7. You can find me in St. Louis at NANOG
  8. Friends of OpenDNS, meet PhishTank

September 2006

  1. Can you write a Thunderbird extension? What about SpamAssassin?
  2. Heads down, thumbs up
  3. OpenDNS hits 4 billion queries. Woot!
  4. Why do we pay Internet Bad Guys?
  5. Instructions for faster DNS on your mobile

August 2006

  1. Spam fighters (DNSBLs) can now correct typos
  2. London servers coming soon. Still.
  3. Give OpenDNS a shout (or just a call)
  4. Cameroon turns wildcarding on (yet again)
  5. CNET reports: ISPs aren’t very good at DNS
  6. Flex your PHP and MySQL skills at OpenDNS
  7. .cm no longer a typo
  8. Cameroon takes the ‘o’ out of .com
  9. OpenDNS Answers Over One Billion Questions in First Month
  10. OpenDNS in 60 seconds
  11. Goggle.com? Gross. What should we do?
  12. ISPs who limit DNS changes…let’s talk

July 2006

  1. More instructions for changing your DNS settings
  2. OpenDNS out loud: two audio clips
  3. Shadowserver add EveryDNS to Hall of Fame for fighting botnets
  4. Catching up on stats processing (and more)
  5. Debian Administrator? Come work for OpenDNS!
  6. How OpenDNS learns about phishing sites
  7. One week of listening and learning
  8. CNET Buzz Out Loud talks about OpenDNS
  9. First article about OpenDNS appears in Wired News
  10. You have a choice in DNS

June 2006

  1. DNS is the next acronym
  2. Why I Started OpenDNS
  3. For a faster Internet, the speed of light matters
  4. Terms of Use under Creative Commons license
  5. Too many notes (or words)
  6. Writing a privacy policy