First, the not-necessarily-good news:

  • 82% of workers admit to not always using the VPN – despite their organization’s “best practice” VPN policies
  • By 2018, Gartner estimates that 25% of corporate data traffic will bypass perimeter security and flow directly from mobile devices to the cloud
  • 49% of the workforce is mobile and under-defended
  • While security may never stop 100% of the threats, it must work 100% of the time — most doesn’t

Why is that not-necessarily-good news for your business? When users aren’t connected to the VPN, they’re not protected by perimeter security solutions such as next-generation firewall and secure Web gateway appliances. Similarly, the devices and data of users who work directly in the cloud using Office 365, SalesForce, DocuSign, or other industry-specific cloud apps are not always going to be protected by perimeter security appliances.

The takeaway? Your firewall, proxy, and AV cannot adequately protect your mobile workforce. That leaves them (and your network) vulnerable to system compromise and data exfiltration. To address this challenge before, OpenDNS offered a Roaming Client that could be deployed on endpoints to forward DNS requests to our global network from anywhere (and it’s still available today).

But now there’s great news: Umbrella now integrates with AnyConnect so you can protect users on and off the network with no new agents required.

What does this great news mean for your business? If you need to protect employees when they’re off the corporate network and have the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client currently deployed, new Umbrella integration protects users wherever they go just by leveraging what you already have in place. So you can safeguard increasingly mobile employees—whose work happens in the cloud, on personal laptops and other devices, and away from the network—against malware, phishing, command & control callbacks and other malicious activity. All with no additional agents to deploy, no end-user action required, and no performance sacrifice.

The best news? By simply upgrading your AnyConnect client to v4.3 MR1 and enabling the Umbrella functionality, Umbrella seamlessly delivers always-on security without the hassle of always-on VPN, 100% of the time.

Get a quick overview of this integration with Product Manager Adam Winn:

And take a deeper dive with CTO Dan Hubbard:

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