This past March OpenDNS Labs had the privilege of presenting at BlackHat Asia 2016, hosted at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. At the conference our team got to present some of the cool data science and data engineering research that we are working on at OpenDNS Labs. This was one of the more technical conferences we have attended, and it was exciting to see a mix of very talented info sec folks from all over the world.


At the conference, Jeremiah O’Connor and Thibault Reuille presented their talkĀ  The Security Wolf of Wall Street: Fighting Crime with High-Frequency Classification and Natural Language Processing which gave an overview how OpenDNS Labs does large-scale phishing detection using unsupervised machine learning techniques in DNS traffic.

Our session had a great turnout, and the talk was received very nicely. Jeremiah and Thibault fielded some great technical questions from the audience, which gave us more motivation and insights to go back and make improvements to our system.

Additionally, we got to see some really cool presentations by other awesome info sec researchers. Paul Vixie gave an inspiring talk about Multivariate Solutions to Emerging Passive DNS Challenges. Columbia Researchers Iasonas Polakis and Suphannee Sivakorn gave a cool talk about breaking Google Captchas with Deep Learning Techniques, I’m Not a Human Breaking the Google Recaptcha. Nils Rodday also gave an interesting talk about Hacking a Professional Drone.


After the conference we had a chance to enjoy the awesome venue, the Marina Bay Sands, and chill out by the infinity pool with an awesome view, get a taste of the excellent food and nightlife in Singapore.



Overall it was a successful trip presenting about how OpenDNS performs scalable data science on more than 80 billion DNS queries a day.

Big thanks to BlackHat Events Staff and the Marina Bay Sands for the outstanding hospitality! Hopefully we will be able to come back in the near future.


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