Earlier this week I posted a conversation with Craig Williams from Cisco’s Talos organization and referenced the data visualizations that we released as an accompaniment to the Cisco 2016 ASR.

This year’s visuals were all built with our open source tool OpenGraphiti and were all select attacks that were highlighted within the Cisco report. OpenGraphiti allows researchers, not only create visual representations of the attackers infrastructure, but also interact with the data in 3D. With that we also included recordings of us pivoting through the data in the following attacks. All attack information was obtained from OpenDNS’s Security Graph, which is based on our view into more than 90 billion daily DNS requests.

For the complete images and videos visit our dedicated site here.


Each of the visualizations include examples of: the attacker’s infrastructure domains, IPs, WHOIS information, co-occurrences, name servers, and traffic patterns.




Hacking Team

We will have these visualizations and more on display in our booth at RSA this year, hope to see you there!

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