As you know, OpenDNS is undergoing a period of substantive change. Last month, the company was officially acquired by Cisco Systems, Inc. Although the initial announcement in June caused a surge of interest and a barrage of questions, now that the ink has dried and the dust has settled (somewhat), I can speak more definitively on what has changed…and more importantly, what hasn’t.

With any acquisition, there can often be a fear that the acquired company will radically change or cease to exist, leaving its customers high and dry with little notice or recourse. I can confidently say that isn’t the case here — the OpenDNS and Cisco teams are both working double time to make this transition as smooth as possible for everyone: employees, partners, and most importantly, our customers!

In fact, this new chapter in the OpenDNS journey brings with it an unprecedented opportunity for us to help further our mission of securing everyone, everywhere on every device by leveraging the power and reach of the world’s largest networking company. This mission becomes even easier when you consider Cisco’s pledge and drive to become the world’s largest security company too. If you haven’t already seen the worldwide ad campaigns, then at least consider the recent article published on CNBC where Chuck Robbins, Cisco’s new CEO, made his intentions quite clear: “We think that security is a tremendous play for us, and we will use all of our leverage for innovation to actually build out that architecture.”

Although we don’t yet know what the final version of that architecture will be, the benefits of the acquisition are already coalescing into production. By the time the acquisition formally closed, we had already announced a new integration with Cisco’s AMP Threat Grid product, which gives customers of both services the ability to extend the protection of malware domains discovered by Threat Grid directly to their Umbrella global block lists (read more about the integration here). David Ulevitch, founder of OpenDNS, and Scott Harrell, Vice President of Product Management, Cisco Security Business Group recently hosted a webcast explaining this integration, as well as the other benefits of the acquisition; watch it here if you’re interested in learning more.

While OpenDNS is evolving our products and organization within Cisco, there is one thing that hasn’t and won’t change: a passion for excellence and our dedication to bringing our customers and partners unparalleled value in security. While our teams continue to work on the integration, you can still expect to receive the same world-class support and security services that you were getting before — from the same experienced and friendly team that you’re accustomed to working with.

Everyone at OpenDNS is eager to begin our new chapter as part of Cisco, and we will never forget that we’re honored to bring you along with us! Soon, we’ll be offering you the most comprehensive portfolio of integrated security and networking solutions on the planet — and we hope you’ll take advantage of these combined offerings. Nevertheless, on behalf of the entire OpenDNS team, we truly appreciate your business.

As always, if you have comments, questions, or concerns, I can be reached at this address.

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