Greetings! As some of you may have noticed, there has been one notable change on the OpenLate Meetup group: after several years of running the event, Philip Thomas has decided to hand off OpenLate hosting duties to yours truly. Before I get into the talk that Philip did last Tuesday, I wanted to give everyone a little bit of a background on me.

I joined OpenDNS in January 2012 while attending graduate school at the University of San Francisco. I am currently the Technical Lead for the Partner Engineering team, and a primary proponent of changes to our front end engineering experience. You can follow me on GitHub and Twitter. I look forward to continuing to build on the work that Philip has put into this community, and to providing everyone with engaging talks to attend.

The Talk

Almost two years ago, Philip Thomas created OpenLate with the goal of providing a shared space for engineers to work after the coffee shops closed. Since then, OpenLate has evolved into a technology community where some of the biggest names in programming come to speak and grown to over 2,800 members that meet in both San Francisco and Vancouver.

Last week, as Philip prepared to hand over the reins of the community he built, he created a runbook detailing everything that has made the meetup successful. You can watch Philip talk about running communities like OpenLate in the video below. If you are interested, you can also view the runbook.

As the new OpenLate host, I know I speak for everyone when I say that Philip has helped build an incredible, supportive learning environment for coders, hackers, and engineers of all stripes. We’re looking forward to seeing him kick back and enjoy the proceedings as an OpenLate attendee at the next meetup.


Future Meetups

Join me and the rest of the OpenLate community for future meetups in San Francisco and Vancouver for tech talks and hack nights at OpenDNS offices. Learn more here.

If you have any questions about OpenLate or would like to suggest a speaker, you can email me at ereynolds at opendns dot com.

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