Over the last couple weeks we have been lucky enough to be involved in some amazing projects and present with great co-presenters.

The first presentation was at Blackhat where Andree Toonk and I unveiled BGPStream and DNSStream. The idea for both projects came from one of our incredible hackathons, where a few times a year our engineers and researchers get together for 24 hours and focus on delivering innovation in small teams. The teams essentially have from 10 AM on day one until 10 AM the next morning to conceive, deliver, and demonstrate their projects. This is a critical part of our culture here at OpenDNS and we have delivered several impactful projects, research, product-features, and fully released products as a result. We received a lot of great press on this project and the presentation at Blackhat went well, but it could not have been done without the hackathon, and the team members who contributed.

We have uploaded the slides from Blackhat below for those who are interested, otherwise please follow us on Twitter @BGPStream and @DNSStream.

The second presentation was a webcast that we did with Dan Hubbard and Forrester Principal Analyst Rick Holland. Rick is a unique analyst who brings both pragmatic research and strategic views of markets and technologies to his audience. In this webcast, we discussed the “cyber kill chain” in some detail and how one can use classification techniques to discover, predict, and prevent attacks from occurring before the kill chain.

The presentation and associated webcast are embedded below.

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