The engines of innovation are constantly humming at OpenDNS. But we’re not content to merely turn inward for inspiration—we are constantly engaged in discussion with our partners, customers, and users in order to direct resources to the products and features that will do the most good.

This is not an uncommon practice, however, at OpenDNS, we’ve taken the idea one step further, building customer feedback directly into our development process. When great ideas are surfaced in our Idea Bank, we vet it with our internal teams—if the idea makes it to production, we show the final draft to our Customer Advisory Board. This group of OpenDNS customers represents nearly every vertical, and serves as a litmus test for our global customer base.

At our most recent Customer Advisory Board meeting, held in our San Francisco headquarters in May, we previewed several features built to increase Umbrella’s value for our customers:

SAML support: OpenDNS now supports SAML authentication, meaning that our customers can access the dashboard from their existing single sign on service. As a bonus, we have integrations with Okta, Ping, and OneLogin so that customers can also set it up in the future. Along with the SAML update, our login page got a much-needed redesign:

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 11.01.47 AM

New partner integrations: We added two great new partners to our technology partner program this quarter, ThreatConnect and ThreatQuotient. Along with these two companies, we also announced a new security API. The need for this solution was something we had been hearing from customers for months, and we were thrilled to bring it to production.

MSP features: Perhaps more than any other line of business, our MSP partners have been invested in helping shape Umbrella, and Umbrella for MSPs is a direct reflection of this progress. Based on their feedback, we were able to add a partner enablement pack to our MSP offerings. The collateral will help our MSP partners showcase their security knowledge and prove the value of Umbrella protection to their clients.

Validation of these features by our Customer Advisory Board members helps us know we’re on the right track—and that we can safely say our user feedback funnel is strong. Customer success doesn’t just mean making sure you get the most out of your existing deployment—to us, it means building features and solutions that will guarantee our product grows and matures with your needs.

Not to toot our own horn, but we’re pretty proud of the work we’ve done in this department: Gainsight recently named OpenDNS one of their “Most Innovative Companies in Customer Success” at their Pulse Conference. You can watch a short interview video here, in which I explain how Customer Success is built into our very DNA.

We can’t wait to show you what we’re working on next—even now, our developers are working diligently to bring new suggested features to an OpenDNS deployment near you! Watch this space to catch all the updates.

As always, if you’d like to reach to me directly, drop me a line here.

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