Over the last couple months I have spent time on the road talking to our amazing customers and industry leaders. The list represents some of the largest companies and most forward-looking security executives, practitioners, and responders in the industry.

These conversations produced one glaring trend that stands out to me. That is the need for security technologies to connect technically and work together. Unfortunately, attackers and the threat landscape have evolved faster than the vast majority of the industry, and today security professionals suffer from an exhaustive choice between consoles, logging mechanisms, policy interfaces, intelligence feeds, and ways to alert and report.

It’s appalling that more security vendors do not have APIs to key aspects of their systems. The frustration from customers is palpable, and I believe the voice of the customer needs to start dictating this functionality as a *top* priority to drive the vendor landscape.

Short term, the keys to ecosystems connecting together technically exist in two critical areas. Those areas are within the endpoint, network, and cloud product sphere, and the logging, analytics, and intelligence sphere.

Our belief is standards-based, secure APIs are the lynchpins to the success of the security industry. This will ultimately will make us all more secure. Please voice your opinion on the importance of APIs in security product purchasing decisions below, and we will share the stats.

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