A few days ago, I attended a presentation by Jill Rowley, a social selling expert. During the meeting, Jill shared some fascinating insights on customer and business relationships, one of which I have always believed to be true: that good business is all about the relationship!

It’s a belief I put into constant practice as the leader of OpenDNS’s Customer Success team. At the end of the day, it’s the people who matter—not the contracts, bits, bytes, or bottom lines. From the inception of our company, OpenDNS has fostered a corporate culture that puts people first – customers, partners, and users. Our culture drives everything we do and the way we do it.

The security industry can be fairly mechanical. We deploy this appliance, run that monitoring tool, and parse those logs. At OpenDNS, we know people–not machines–are on the other side of our products, which is why we make sure you can always count on us to provide assistance. Our in-house support team answers every support ticket that pops into its queue (yes, every single one). Our product managers make regular customer calls to get feedback about our products. Our research team is constantly helping customers navigate our advanced threat detection tools. Why? Because we value personal interactions with our customers and partners.

Each of these interactions gives us an opportunity to stay connected, add more value, and learn what’s really important to our customers. We take this responsibility seriously, and we invest significant resources to offer this approachable service globally. We remain committed to providing OpenDNS users with everything they need to be successful and we’d like to connect with you. Here are a some additional ways to meet the team and the OpenDNS community at large:

Regional User Groups

In addition to nurturing customer/company relationships, part of what I believe makes customers successful is increasing their local network of like-minded peers who may be facing the same security challenges. The information security community is built on strong networks of people that can offer access to the latest research, intelligence, and best practices—connections we want to help facilitate for our customers. With this goal in mind, OpenDNS is launching new initiatives to get our community connected in 2015, including regional user groups in San Francisco, New York, and Houston. and other events across the country.

RSA Conference

We’re also increasing our footprint at industry events, including the rapidly-approaching RSA Conference here in San Francisco. Aside from stopping by our booth, you’ll find members of our OpenDNS Security Labs team presenting throughout the conference on a variety of topics including making security data actionable through visualization, and the security data that can be obtained through social media. Dan Hubbard, our CTO, will also be moderating a panel featuring some of the world’s best security journalists: Nicole Perlroth, Brian Krebs, Kevin Poulsen, and Joseph Menn.

We’d love for you to attend some (or all!) of these talks or stop by our booth to see some of the amazing new research and features we’ve added to Umbrella. More than anything, we’d just love to meet you in person and hear from you. So if you’ll be attending RSA, feel free to stop by, say “hello!”, and let us know what we can do to improve your experience and success with OpenDNS.

Any concerns, comments, or questions? Reach out to your account manager or me directly.

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