I had the pleasure of presenting at CactusCon in Mesa, AZ last weekend. Getting on the plane en route to Arizona, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Would there be a lot of people? It’s on the ASU campus, so maybe there would be a lot of students there? Not to my surprise, this had a very similar feel to most of the BSides events that I had attended in the past. It was full of many like-minded security folks with welcoming demeanors. Pretty cool stuff.


My talk itself focused on the dangers of phishing sites and basically emphasized on why it’s important to keep your guard up whenever you’re asked to submit any type of personal or sensitive information:


I also spent some time walking around and checking out various talks throughout the day. I found Dave Kennedy’s keynote to be funny and enjoyable, but the one that really took the cake was the talk by 15 year old Schuyler St. Leger. I missed the beginning of his talk, and walked in right around the time where he was talking about hacking and remotely turning off all of his neighbors ceiling fans in his immediate neighborhood, and then went on to demonstrate how he repurposed a toy (the IM ME) to open his neighbors garage door. Pretty impressive stuff.

All in all, CactusCon was great! It was a conference that I felt very privileged to be a part of and I would encourage everyone to attend the next one!


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