As a cloud-delivered security company, we define success through our customers’ satisfaction and successful deployments. I am proud to report on the experiences of two of our customers who recently deployed OpenDNS’s Umbrella product. From a high level they both experienced dramatically lowered malware activity and more insight into bad actors on their network after deploying OpenDNS.

Both accounts reflect the way most companies operate today, with employees accessing the network on mobile devices, from remote or home offices and anywhere in between (like Starbucks or an airport lobby). Their insight also demonstrates how cloud-delivered security provides seamless, timely and more effective security protection for end users.shutterstock_207793054The first, Hamamatsu, is a Japanese manufacturer of optical sensor technologies. The company’s predominantly mobile U.S. workforce is spread across the country, from their headquarters in Bridgewater, N.J., to offices in San Jose, Chicago, Denver and San Diego. The company was struggling to keep its network of users free of malware. Their existing defenses lacked the visibility into network traffic that was necessary to remediate infected devices. Since deploying OpenDNS, Jim Hnasko, network manager of operations, estimates that their network has gone from having 20 percent of their machines infected with malware to less than one percent. Hnasko described the improved security and operational efficiency gains from deploying OpenDNS in this way: “Being able to show [my CEO] where we were before OpenDNS and where we are now, it’s night and day.”

Another company, civil engineering firm Pennoni Associates, Inc., employs nearly 1,000 individuals, many of whom serve clients through multiple remote offices and field assignments. Before OpenDNS, Pennoni used a Websense gateway appliance installed at its headquarters to protect both on-network and off-network workers. Jim Slora, the company’s senior systems administrator, said that this solution was causing latency and downtime for its regional offices. What’s worse, the team didn’t have enough visibility to identify the malware-infected machines that were already on their network.

Switching to OpenDNS has eliminated the strain on Pennoni’s network and support team. According to Slora, “The company can now apply the same protection in the field as it does in the office, malware infections have been reduced from three to four infections per day to one every few days. The reduction in infections saved us close to one full-time help desk tech.”

While our goal is to keep our customers’ networks secure, no matter where, when and how employees access them – we also want to ensure that we have unmatched customer satisfaction. This mission is part of our company’s DNA. We’ll also periodically share other stories and anecdotes from our customers that show the power of cloud-delivered security in action. In the case of Hamamatsu and Pennoni, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

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