I recently attended a chief customer officer summit where I had the distinct pleasure of speaking with many of my peers about the changing landscape around customer success. I enjoyed the collaborative nature of the event and was impressed by both the caliber of attendees as well as the quality of their solutions to some of the challenges in making customers wildly successful. What also surprised me was the variety and complexity around how customer success is defined and measured by different organizations.

One of my first initiatives at OpenDNS was to clearly define the measure of our customer success operation in a way that was easily digestible to our investors, our employees, and most importantly, to our customers. Toward this end, I created a very focused mission for the entire company: to build customer C.A.R.E.

The acronym and concept resonated well with many of the CCOs in attendance, so I thought I’d share it with you, our valued customers, too.

At the very heart of it, the value OpenDNS brings to customers is measured by how we C.A.R.E. The acronym stands for four key performance indicators: Customer satisfaction, Adoption, Retention, and Expansion.

Customer Satisfaction

We use two scores to measure customer satisfaction. The first score is the percentage of customers who feel positively about their experience with our support team. After a customer support representative changes a customer ticket to ‘solved,’ the customer receives an email simply asking if their experience was good or bad. I’m happy to report that last month, 97% of enterprise customers who took the survey reported that they had a positive experience with OpenDNS support. The second score we use to measure customer satisfaction is the net promoter score (NPS). Assessing these scores together gives us clear insight into the support our customers are receiving, as well as as the overall customer experience.


While adoption may seem like a self-explanatory measure, we consider it an important key indicator beyond just simply the percentage of customers we have successfully onboarded.  Adoption is really our pulse check. We want to know that our customers are getting time to value and that we’re proactive in helping them maximize their OpenDNS investment.


We are fortunate to have very healthy customer retention rates relative to industry standards.  Nevertheless, subscription renewals are one of the loudest ways customers can vote on our value—and we sincerely appreciate your business.


The uptake of our platform’s new security features has been incredibly strong as customers learn more about these services.

At OpenDNS, we C.A.R.E.

We firmly believe that customer success is part of every employee’s job description. It’s an ingrained loyalty to the people who have put trust in our products and services, and it spans across all departments, roles, and functions. If there is something we can do for you to improve your experience with OpenDNS, please talk to us. OpenDNS listens—and we C.A.R.E.!

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