For years, David Ulevitch, OpenDNS Founder and CEO, has been an outspoken advocate for Internet freedom, and continuously has supported the battle for net neutrality. “Net neutrality is a cause that myself and OpenDNS as a company care deeply about,” he said in a 2009 blog. “It’s important that this competitive landscape be maintained and that network operators don’t do things that might cause them to block or prefer one type of traffic over another.”

While the battle for net neutrality has been long and hard fought, the most important vote of all is about to happen. On February 26, the Federal Communications Commission is slated to vote on net neutrality rules and ultimately the decisions made on that day will determine the fate of the Internet. What’s at stake? As consumers and businesses, pretty much everything the collective “we” have grown to rely on and love about the Internet. The tumblrs, the subreddits, the cat videos; the games, the livestreams, the guilds; all of the collective knowledge pulled together, the friends made and the communities built.

In preparation for this final showdown, cable companies are going all out to make sure the ruling sways in their direction, spending millions of dollars to ensure a favorable outcome. An outcome where preferential treatment of content is left to the discretion of ISPs that have no obligation to act in the best interests of the society at large.

The FCC has the power to ensure and enforce rules to keep the Internet an equal playing field for everyone—known as Title II classification. This classification will make ISPs “common carriers”, meaning they can’t “make any unjust or unreasonable discrimination in charges, practices, classifications, regulations, facilities, or services.” Title II classification is on the table because concerned netizens forced the issue. But the final countdown is now and it’s time for people, businesses and organization once again, to join forces and take a stand for Title II classification. It’s the only option the FCC can take that will stop the cable companies from destroying the Internet.

There are millions of net neutrality advocates who have fought hard to demand a free and open Internet for everyone and this effort has shown just how powerful their voices can be. Please join us in the Internet Countdown to the FCC vote and take action to help win net neutrality now!


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