An increasing number of our customers are starting to fully understand and benefit from OpenDNS’s proactive protection capabilities. As the leader of our customer success organization, my goal is to ensure that our customers are aware of each of the innovations and advancements that we make, along with all that we offer beyond domain tagging, content blocking, and protection. Through containment, remediation, and cutting-edge resources from our labs researchers, we aim to provide comprehensive security coverage and education to each of our customers.


As we all know, there is no silver bullet when it comes to security. It’s inevitable that someone is going to fall for a phishing scam or download malware and bring it back onto your network. When that happens, OpenDNS helps prevent the problem from proliferating. Specifically, we prevent botnets and malware from exfiltrating data or contacting command and control servers by blocking their connections to malicious servers.


Depending on their chosen implementation, our customers have varying levels of granularity into the host activity on their networks. Many have improved the efficiency, focus, and reaction time to security events simply by having more granular visibility and insight into traffic patterns. In increasing order of visibility, these layers of granularity include:

  • Network only: Customers can see what has been blocked at the network layer.
  • The Virtual Appliance (VA): Customers can pinpoint an internal IP address and figure out which host is calling out to botnets, etc.
  • The Enterprise Roaming Client (ERC): Customers can make assessments at the user level to see which device needs remediation. With the ERC, users are protected anywhere they go around the globe, anytime, on any device.

By selecting which layer of granular visibility your company needs, you can accelerate your team’s ability to remediate malicious activity within your network.

Cutting-Edge Research and News

Lastly, our security lab is made up of world-class engineers, mathematicians, and security researchers, and they consistently take an innovative and proactive approach to research. To provide customers with insight on why we do the things we do, the labs team creates and curates informative content on the latest threats, breaches, and attacks, such as the video below. Our Security Labs blog offers timely posts on threats and attacks in the security space. Additionally, you can subscribe to research lead Andrew Hay’s security labs weekly newsletter, and let us do the digging when it comes to finding the most pertinent industry news.

If you ever have questions about maximizing your customer experience with OpenDNS, please feel free to reach out to either your account manager or me directly.

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