2014 has been flying by — it’s hard to believe, but Thanksgiving is already upon us! We have much to be grateful for this year: the amazing support of our users, customers, and partners, the incredibly innovative work from our fellow employees, the Giants winning the World Series, and the opportunity to help people around the globe connect to the Internet with confidence every day — just to name a few!

In the spirit of the holiday, we asked members of Team OpenDNS to share what they’re thankful for this year:

“I’m thankful for our company’s monthly service outings!” – Courtland Smith, Senior Director, Revenue Marketing

“I’m thankful for several things: working with the best and brightest in one of the most amazing cities in the world, moving back to my old place in the Mission at the end of the year, my incredibly awesome and talented boyfriend, and my team at OpenDNS — they inspire me everyday!” – Monica Miller, Renewals Account Manager

“I’m thankful for my positive health and that of my beautiful family.” – Eric Williams, Corporate Sales Manager

“I’m thankful for OpenDNS allowing me to transition this year to a new, more challenging role on the Dashboard team. It’s great to work someplace where one is given the opportunity to develop and improve one’s skills in a supportive environment.” – Josh Sibelman, Software Engineer

“I’m thankful for Nagios and Pagerduty.” – Philip Thomas, Software Engineer

“I’m thankful for the opportunity to work with awesome people on a mission to make the world safer!” – Chris Doell, VP of Customer Success

“This year (and every year) I’m thankful for my grandparents: the wisdom they’ve shared, the values that they instilled in me, the example they set for how a couple can grow together in enduring love and respect, and most of all for the unconditional love they have always lavished on me.” – Sarah Falconer, Team Lead, Customer Renewals

“I’m thankful because over the last year, I’ve been stretched outside of my comfort zone and prior experiences. Now I have a new job, a new home, new friends, and a new relationship!” – Robert De La O, Renewals Account Manager

“I’m thankful for the ability to commute to work by bike!” – Christie O’Keefe, Sales Recruiter

“I’m thankful for my dog, who greets me everyday with a wagging tail. You can’t have a bad day with a dog! I’m also grateful for having a job that I still look forward to every day, more than seven years later.” – Daniel Gifford, Customer Support Manager

What are you grateful for this year? Share it below in the comments!

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