For the past few weeks, much of my time has been spent working (securely!) from airports, hotels, and customers’ conference rooms across the country. Despite a few customary travel challenges, my weeks spent on the road have energized and motivated me in our efforts to build and maintain the best customer success team in the industry.

So why all of this travel? The answer should be obvious: to meet you! In three short weeks, I met with customers in New York, Boston, and Los Angeles. Also on the itinerary was Orlando, where I attended IT Nation with a large team from OpenDNS. It was great to meet so many of our MSP partners, who shared many success stories about delivering security and value to their extended customers.

My thanks to the many customers who were able to meet with me and validate my team’s goals for this quarter. We have been working on increasing communication to ensure that customers are taking advantage of all of the benefits of their subscriptions. Another huge goal is educating customers to ensure that OpenDNS continues to drive value and remains easy to manage, and if you do need help, that you know exactly where to go to get it. Some customers are just using us for guest wifi or content filtering, and we want to educate more effectively that Umbrella is truly an enterprise class security layer that everyone should know about!

Interacting with customers is one of the absolute pleasures of my job. I appreciated learning about your security challenges and objectives, and mapping those to OpenDNS’s solutions and priorities for the future. I look forward to updating you as we continue our mission to enable the world to connect with confidence on any device, anywhere, at any time.

If you’re a customer and I wasn’t able to meet you on this past travel-frenzy, please check our monthly email newsletter for where and when OpenDNS will be speaking or appearing. Additionally, if you have a success story that you weren’t able to tell me in person, we’d love to hear from you! As just one example, see how deploying OpenDNS helped VeriClaim reduce malware infections from 150 per month down to four.

As always, if there’s anything I can do to answer questions or make your experience with OpenDNS a more successful one, please email me personally at

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