Quick summary: OpenDNS’s infrastructure and our customers’ deployments are not vulnerable to remote exploits targeting the Bash/Shellshock vulnerability. Additionally, most Umbrella customer deployments will automatically be updated to the latest, patched version of Bash. This blog post contains important support information and we encourage all of our customers to continue reading, below.

On Wednesday of this week a Bash vulnerability was disclosed that allows for remote code execution on many Linux, Unix and some Mac OS X operating systems. Nicknamed “Shellshock” by the media, this vulnerability allows bad actors to take complete control of a remote system. The OpenDNS Research team is currently aware of several automated attack campaigns which are already exploiting this vulnerability in the wild. Patches for Bash have been issued over the past several days and it is important that you update your own critical systems.

What You Need to Know:

Our security, research and engineering teams have been working hard to ensure that you are protected from attacks targeting the Shellshock vulnerability.

  • After a careful analysis, we have determined that OpenDNS’s infrastructure is protected from all known exploits that target the Shellshock vulnerability.
  • No customer deployments are exposed to any currently known Shellshock exploit vectors.
  • As a precaution, Umbrella customers should review our latest support article on OpenDNS’s response to the Bash/Shellshock vulnerability. This support article does not apply to OpenDNS parental controls and/or home DNS users. It is for Umbrella customers only.

You can read these articles for additional, general information about Shellshock.

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