Great technology deserves a great customer experience. That’s why OpenDNS is proud to introduce veteran service executive Chris Doell as the company’s Vice President of Customer Success. Chris brings over 25 years of experience leading global service operations for notable technology companies, such as Zenprise. For more on his background, see the press release we issued earlier today.

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you probably know that OpenDNS offers unparalleled visibility into the world’s internet traffic. We can proactively protect your end users by blocking threats on any device, anytime, anywhere — before anyone else can see it coming.

You may not know, however, what a Customer Success executive does. Let me address that quickly: much like how our technology predicts and remediates threats, it’s my job to anticipate your product usage needs before they happen and always be there to help resolve issues when they occur. I am essentially responsible for the entire customer experience after the initial sale takes place. That’s everything from the way we help you deploy and manage your account to the way we field your questions and help you gain more value from your investment into OpenDNS over time. Our team has always strived to be more than a typical security technology vendor — we aim to be your “strategic partner” for proactive threat prevention and management.

Before I joined OpenDNS, I was impressed with the exceptionally large user base that had been amassed on one of the most reliable cloud-based delivery platforms in existence. Now that I’ve been on board awhile, I’ve learned that another compelling strength of OpenDNS is our team of dedicated, talented and security-conscious employees — arguably, the life blood of the company. This team is passionate about YOUR success, and that passion is evident in every corner of OpenDNS! Simply put, at OpenDNS we “wear the white hats” and work tirelessly to make each and every customer safer and more secure through effective tools that are simple to deploy and easy to manage.

So if you remember nothing else from this blog post, please know this: OpenDNS has got your back when it comes to utilizing unparalleled visibility into internet traffic patterns to provide cybersecurity thought-leadership and proactive threat management coupled with stellar customer service. And we firmly believe that every OpenDNS employee is part of the Customer Success team.


It’s simple: thought leadership and more communication.

I’ll be kicking off an initiative throughout the next quarter at OpenDNS to start boosting the volume and quality of value-added content that will be made available for our existing customers. Somewhat akin to our security solution for “any device, anywhere, anytime,” I’m a huge believer in also allowing customers to consume useful content — security-related or otherwise — on any device, anywhere, anytime.

But the analogy doesn’t stop there. We will also use information from our ever-growing body of security intelligence to try to anticipate your future needs and proactively offer content recommendations based upon product adoption patterns and the challenges we’re hearing from our customers.

Just as the security landscape has evolved, so will OpenDNS’s means for communicating information and maintaining a dialogue with our customers. The graphic below shows the communication channels that you can use to keep in touch with us. OpenDNS will leverage these mediums to share everything from company and product-related news to strategic security content and emerging threat information. Please connect and communicate with us. We love hearing from our customers!


In closing and on behalf of the OpenDNS Customer Success team (yes, that’s the entire company), I’d like to thank you for your business. We pledge to continue adding value to your OpenDNS investment with enhancements to our state-of-the-art security platform. With improved communications programs and with customer support on standby, we are here to help you when you need it.

Onward and upward,

Chris Doell
VP, Customer Success

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