There are cities and then there are megacities. Tokyo is the largest megacity in the world, with about 13 million people who call it home. As of last week, it’s also the home of OpenDNS’s 24th global data center! This new OpenDNS site in Japan is our 4th in the Asia-Pacific region and further establishes our presence and capacity in the region.


Tokyo is the 18th site that I’ve helped to build at OpenDNS. In the early days, it was quite an undertaking to open a new data center. Back then, our team was smaller, responsibilities were more concentrated, and building sites demanded more time and effort. Today, we have six times the number of employees at OpenDNS and the data center deployment effort is spread among specialized teams, which enables us to build faster and more efficiently.




Our new Tokyo site is strategically located in a major data center that allows us to join Internet Exchanges like JPNAP. Peering at these points will make the routing path even shorter for OpenDNS users and providers, resulting in faster DNS resolution times for both IPv4 and IPv6. A typical OpenDNS user in Japan may see reductions in latency or round-trip times (RTT) of up to 80ms. We’ve already seen a significant shift in traffic from our Singapore and Hong Kong sites to Tokyo, indicating that many users are already benefiting from this improvement. The increased performance in Japan will strengthen with time as we establish new peering relationships. Stay tuned, our global march continues…


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