Since the launch of Umbrella over two years ago,
OpenDNS has been focused onsc_logo_21413_345884 one goal that inspires the work of every department at the company: to provide compelling security value to our customers. Customer feedback is our primary measure of success, but we also get excited when a glowing and thorough review of our service is published. Moreover, when the review of OpenDNS Umbrella is from SC Magazine, a highly respected information security publication, we get really excited.

Today, I am very proud to highlight this new review written by Technology Editor Peter Stephenson and published in this month’s issue of SC Magazine. What makes this review special is that it not only provides insight into the changing nature of network security as a category, but it also highlights how the hackers here at OpenDNS have built something unique, sophisticated and differentiated. I highly recommend that you read the review yourself to get his insights first-hand.

As a seasoned enterprise security reporter, product reviewer and security practitioner, Peter has had a unique perspective on the industry. That’s why I was particularly struck by Peter’s succinct explanation of one of OpenDNS great differentiators: the security intelligence we provide to our customers.

“The idea behind Umbrella is that all of the devices in the enterprises point to the OpenDNS name servers. These servers are managed for security, gather extensive intelligence about reputation and mix the whole thing together in a complete network security offering.”

This passage also highlights how OpenDNS’s rich history has led to our continued success. Umbrella effectively marries the protection of a cloud-delivered enterprise network security service with predictive intelligence gained from the over 50 billion queries daily that OpenDNS powers. The combination of these two technologies enables OpenDNS to protect customers from threats before they are even attacked. That protection follows them anywhere they go, on any device that they use.

We continually see the industry take note of how far we’ve come as an enterprise security company, and this review is no exception. Whether it is Gartner calling us out as a Cool Vendor or being named the top vendor in the 2013 Security Startup “Red List” Survey, it is humbling to see the exceptional work produced by the team at OpenDNS being recognized by the industry at large.

SC Magazine’s review reinforces the fact that OpenDNS is continuing to evolve and provide incredible value for our customers every single day. To paraphrase a quote that’s posted on a desk downstairs in our San Francisco offices, “The only company we have to be better than is the company we were yesterday.”

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