Last night the OpenLate meetup hosted a Javascript-themed event at the San Francisco office of OpenDNS. After a successful Python-themed event four weeks ago, we pivoted to the world of prototypes, curly braces, and cross-browser compatibility. In addition to Javascript cakes and plenty of stickers, two speakers presented on different projects in the Javascript world. Afterward, OpenLate members worked on implementing the tools they had learned.

2014-07-01 17.55.36

Pete Hunt, a software engineer at Facebook, presented about ReactJS. ReactJS is an open-source framework that started in Facebook as a way to speed up rendering in the DOM, and Pete is currently the largest contributor to the project. React works by maintaining a virtual representation of the DOM, and any changes are simulated before being carried out in the browser. This minimizes the slower transformations that are rendered in the browser.


Ari Lerner presented an introduction to the AngularJS framework. Ari is the author of ng-book, a comprehensive introduction to AngularJS. In addition, he is a former stand-up comedian with a penchant for making tech topics fun! AngularJS began at Google as a project for creating single-page web applications in Javascript. The tool provides a comprehensive MVC for building dynamic applications that blur the differences between native applications and web applications. OpenLate members took interest in the different design philosophies between React and Angular because React focuses on cross-browser compatibility, but Angular requires the latest browser technologies to run.


The next OpenLate meetup on July 15 will focus on women in technology. We are partnering with a new group called Security Valkyries, a women in security technology group founded by OpenDNS and Google employees, to have a series of lightning talks. Click here to RSVP.

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