Eleven hours into the 24-hour OpenDNS 2014H2 Hackathon, we are writing to announce that we have conceived, built, and published an extension for the Google Chrome browser!


Every 6 months OpenDNS hosts an all-company hackathon where engineers are flown into our San Francisco headquarters from three countries to work on any project they want. In the past, hackathon projects have included two-step verification, the first deployments of Docker in our infrastructure, and visualizations of the Internet.

Our Team

We decided to build tools to make it easier to incorporate OpenDNS security services into web browsing. The first project we built is a Google Chrome extension that allows customers of OpenDNS Investigate to research the website they are visiting in one click. The Investigate product provides in-depth security analysis of domains, IP addresses, and ASNs. This Chrome extension makes it easy for Investigate customers to determine whether the current website contains known threats or is associated with suspicious traffic patterns. This tool is for research and investigation – to browse securely, check out OpenDNS Umbrella.

Investigate Chrome Plugin

This plugin is available for immediate download – click here to view it in the Chrome Web Store. In addition, the source code for the plugin has been open-sourced on the OpenDNS Github. Stay tuned for more updates from our team and from the other teams at the OpenDNS 2014H2 Hackathon.

Written by Andrew Hess and Philip Thomas.

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