This week the OpenLate meetup hosted its largest event yet with a Python-themed hack night at the OpenDNS office in San Francisco. Over 100 engineers joined to work on their own projects, network with other engineers, and share knowledge about the Python programming language. Members worked on projects such as the Striiv pedometer, new websites written in the Python framework Flask, and Project Euler challenges.

Zed Shaw, author of Learn Python the Hard Way, gave a short talk about how to learn Python. He focused on learning techniques for both beginners and for experienced developers, and extended the lessons to how to learn any language.

For the upcoming OpenLate “Pitch Night” Meetup on June 17, startup advisors are joining to provide feedback on members’ projects and startups. Those participating include OpenDNS CEO David Ulevitch and Square Co-Founder Sam Wen. RSVP for the event at Meetup.com/OpenLate.

Written by Andrew Hess and Philip Thomas.

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