OpenDNS is committed to providing the best experience to our users everywhere. To do that, we’re continuously building out our global network. We’re building more new sites than ever before as well as adding more network capacity and global peering. Earlier this year, OpenDNS launched a new data center in Sydney. Sydney marks the 21st location in our global network and our first south of the equator!

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Building Sydney

It’s been great to see the results of all the hard work by everyone on the team and to see a site go from planning to serving traffic! How did we do it? Bryan, one of our data center experts, flew to Australia to install our new hardware. While Bryan racked and stacked gear, the rest of the infrastructure engineering team finalized the server and network equipment configuration remotely, from our San Francisco and Vancouver offices. Our network engineering team has worked hard to improve routing for users in Australia.

To serve anycast traffic for Australia and New Zealand, we got the best local connectivity by partnering with some of our existing global carriers, as well as Telstra, the largest Australian ISP (Internet Service Provider). In addition to the direct connections with these large ISPs, we also use local peering in Sydney. This connects us directly to many of the local and regional networks.

User experience

This new site directly benefits our user base in Australia and New Zealand. Previously, these users were served by our data center in Singapore, which is about 140 milliseconds from Sydney. In terms of latency, bandwidth, and resiliency, the benefits are significant. We’re thrilled to see an increase in traffic from both Australia and New Zealand since the opening of this new data center. It means that many of you already discovered our new site and switched to OpenDNS, which is a great validation of our improved service in the region.

More to come!

Over the next few months OpenDNS will continue to expand our global network. We’ll be building more sites globally, adding new countries and continents to our footprint, adding more network capacity and peering, so that our users have the best and fastest experience possible.

Sounds pretty good right?  If you are interested in seeing where OpenDNS is building more sites, check out our network map. We have lots of exciting plans for 2014, so stay tuned!

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