OpenDNS partners with thousands of Managed Service Providers (MSPs) around the world. As the Sr. Product Manager working on Umbrella for MSPs, I get to talk to many of our amazing partners and see how they integrate Umbrella into their Managed Service offering. While some prefer to brand it as their own cloud security service, many of the top MSPs publicly announce our relationship to their customers and prospects.

A blog post or newsletter announcement that Umbrella has been added to the managed service lets customers and prospects know that their IT provider is being proactive in adding new solutions to provide them the best security possible. One of my favorite announcements comes from Craig Sharp of Abussi. Abussi is located in the UK, and he had a unique British take:

“For those reading this outside the UK, you may already feel that the stereotype of the British is that we carry an umbrella at all times – we are known for our changeable weather and propensity for rain. What it does highlight is that the being close to, or under an umbrella is going to bring safety and security from what may be thrown at you – and that’s exactly why Abussi uses an umbrella every day – metaphorically speaking.”

Craig continues “However, at Abussi we use our umbrella…….. well we use a service called Umbrella to provide real-time protection for our clients which monitors Internet traffic and protects them from potential threats. It’s a brilliant service.”

As an MSP with an all-inclusive model, Craig includes Umbrella as a standard offering both for his benefit and that of his customers. “Additionally it’s important to see prevention of problems as a benefit to Abussi in reducing the number of support requests, so we do not make a charge to our clients for services from Umbrella – they are bundled into the monthly flat fee which our clients pay to benefit from our skills and expertise.

Abussi’s Malware infection rate has dropped to……………….. well, our records show that from a total managed pool of around 500 PC’s, we have had 1 Malware infection in the past 12 months, and that was from a PC which was in a business which was absorbed into Abussi recently”.

Read the rest of Craig’s brilliant post to see how he brings up topics like malvertising and standardizing security to his SMB clients on his blog.

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