Nothing demonstrates the impact and value of a security solution like testing it in your own environment. Unfortunately, the process of evaluating enterprise security solutions is often tedious and resource-intensive. It doesn’t have to be.

Our cloud-delivered security approach enables incredibly fast deployment – you can set up our services in moments, without taking down your network to rack-n-stack gear. All that’s left is making it easy to actually get the trial. That’s why I’m pleased to announce the release of a brand-new, frictionless free trial process that aims to have you up and running with a trial of Umbrella security in minutes, no assistance required. (Psst, that’s code for not having to talk to anyone in sales just to try our service.)

The new free trial process provides instant, self-serve sign-up, step-by-step deployment instructions, and customizable reporting to quantify the impact of the trial in your environment. The ability to deploy our solutions progressively gives you flexibility. Start with laptops, then add iPhones, then your branch offices, then HQ… or do it in whatever order you’d like. We’re excited about this new trial experience and encourage you to try out the entire suite of Umbrella functionality.

As it turns out, once people begin using our products, they tend to stay on and become satisfied customers. This streamlined trial process represents the first of many incremental but important milestones for our Umbrella offerings we have planned in 2014, all focused on delivering incredible security as easily as possible.

So with that, I hope you’ll give Umbrella a try, and I also hope you’ll tell us what you think of the trial process itself. We’re very proud of the changes we’ve made, but we’re always looking for ways to improve.


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