Cryptolocker – the very word can strike fear into the most astute IT specialist. This ransomware has been targeting millions of people around the globe with astonishing success, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

Arriving in an email attachment, Cryptolocker hits businesses without exception. Once the infected machine phones home to the command and control infrastructure, it obtains its encryption key and begins to encrypt all files accessible on the machine and across any connected network, holding them hostage until you pay up.

We’ve been following these attacks closely in our OpenDNS Security Labs, and using the power of predictive analytics, we’re keeping our customers safe by stopping any connection an infected machine might make to the botnet controller (this connection would allow your files to become encrypted). In tomorrow’s webcast, OpenDNS Product Marketing Manager Barry Fisher will be discussing this aggressive variant of ransomware, examining:

  • Cyber attacks and threats: multiple stages, varying tactics

  • Cryptolocker in-depth: how it works, what can stop it

  • Why security falls behind: how to stay ahead

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