Most damaging threats stay beneath the surface – but not the latest ransomware variant, Cryptolocker. By design, it disrupts your customers’ businesses until they pay a ransom. For you, it means hours or even days of work re-imaging their infected machines and restoring their files from a backup–if one exists. Both you and your customer lose productivity, and as you know, time is money.

Your customers hear about such cyber-attacks and assume that your managed service has their back, but wonder why other large businesses–that must surely be protected–have become victims in startling numbers. It’s important to understand why the security solutions (e.g. Unified Threat Management appliances, antivirus software) you have relied upon for years now struggle to block such advanced threats, and why smaller businesses across all industry sectors are increasingly being targeted by cybercriminals. Most cyber-attacks don’t make headline news, yet force many smaller businesses to shutter their doors. The MSP loses both a valued customer and possibly their reputation for securing others.

As an MSP, how do you show value in a layered security approach to your customers? Join our MSP webcast this Wednesday, December 4th, and learn how you can improve your bottom line and become the Virtual CIO for your customers. Guest speaker Jim Lancaster, of MSPmentor 100 company, Sagiss will join our Sr. MSP Product Manager, Dima Kumets and take a deeper dive into:

  • Security enforcement that works on every device, everywhere

  • Security intelligence that predicts, prevents and contains cyber-attacks

  • Improving renewal rates through value reporting

  • Leveraging OpenDNS’s new integration with ConnectWise to be the Virtual CIO

  • Monitoring real-time network activity as a sellable service


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