Delighting the customer is a common goal and familiar phrase for all OpenDNS employees. This aim permeates our culture and guides our growth. OpenDNS staff members are often recognized internally for going above and beyond standard job duties with exceptional efforts to delight our customers, whether by troubleshooting a tricky deployment, spinning up a requested feature in under a week, or staying late to field a critical customer call.

This focus demonstrates our company-wide emphasis on the importance of serving our users in every department from Engineering to Sales, but there are also several teams for whom delighting the customer falls squarely within daily duties. You may already be familiar with our Technical Support team, but I would like to introduce you to another department whose primary focus is customer success: the Umbrella Account Management team!

What are we here for?

It is the Account Management team’s mission to ensure the ongoing happiness and success of all Umbrella customers, fostering relationships that flourish for years to come. We are here to serve as customer educators and advocates. We’re also here to provide non-technical support when you need help!

Happily, the Umbrella products do a lot of work for us. There are many customers that we hear from just once each year, enthusiastically signing on for their next renewal. The service “just works” for them, and they need little more.

We also owe a lot to the Support team, which eagerly assists customers with configuration and technical troubleshooting. Just open a ticket and you’ll hear back in short order!

For any other issues that may arise, though, we are your resource! We love it when we get the opportunity to work closely with a customer: answering a question, teaching them something new about our services, or helping to address any concerns. We also keep our ears to the ground for the Product Management and Engineering teams. Customer feedback shapes the development of new features and products, so if you see a way to improve the Umbrella services, let us know!

How can we help you?

Your OpenDNS Account Manager is the person to ask if you want to access or update your account information. We manage the renewals process from start to finish, and are happy to assist with licensing expansions, reductions, or upgrades. We also process contracts and invoicing for all our customers. Need an update on the status of an invoice? Payment options? Payment history? We can help! Do you need a copy of your contract? Just let us know!

We have the answers when it comes to administrative questions, but we can help you with so much more! We are Umbrella product experts, and love to educate our customers about how to get the most value out of our services. We’re happy to get admins up to speed with their Umbrella solutions, whether they’re new to the product or just need a brush up on configuration, features, or best practices.

Finally, we are our customers’ conduit to the larger OpenDNS team and close partners in problem solving.  We work with almost every department in the company; if we don’t have the answer to your question offhand, we know how to find it. If you run into difficulties, please reach out for help! We’re always happy to assist you.

Keeping in touch

So, how can you contact us? If you need help and don’t have your Account Manager’s contact information on file, just send an email to Your own Account Manager will reach out shortly!

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