Halloween is tomorrow, which also marks the end of National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Over the past few weeks we’ve been sharing a number of resources to help you keep your users informed about the risks to Internet security and the importance of safe browsing habits. We busted 5 common myths about web security, we gave you the Top 10 cyber security tips your users should know, and we took a look at the malware landscape for our higher education customers.

This week, we’ve got some fun ways for you to share the importance of cyber security with your colleagues and friends while celebrating Halloween at the same time! Share these e-cards with anyone you think needs a reminder to take security seriously on their network or devices. If  there’s anything people like as much as candy on Halloween, it’s advice on network security.

Click any of the cards to enlarge and share!

Happy Halloween from OpenDNS  Happy Halloween from OpenDNS

Happy Halloween from OpenDNS Happy Halloween from OpenDNS


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