Today’s advanced threat landscape is evolving at an accelerated rate, fueled by common Internet protocols and the cloud. Common security platforms lack the adaptability to combat these advanced threats, and by the time they detect them, it’s too late.

For a security platform to be effective in today’s environment, it needs two key elements to work harmoniously: intelligence and enforcement. Security intelligence requires massive amounts of data in order to accurately predict the origins of convoluted threats; enforcement policies must be able to dive deep to protect every port, protocol, and app.

Traditional appliances can’t find that balance – if they need to adjust, laborious hardware overhauls and administrative headaches are bound to occur. Many companies desperately throw more money at the problem, perpetuating an aging model that simply doesn’t work.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

We’re introducing a new weapon in the fight against malicious activity: our Secure Cloud Gateway. Lightning fast, flexible, and scalable, our Umbrella solution is the best protection against cyber crime, because it works in the same way – utilizing a key Internet protocol (DNS).

To fully introduce this innovative concept, I’m hosting a webcast tomorrow: Wednesday, August 14th. We’ll be covering the security tenets of the cloud, multiple enforcement technologies, and security intelligence networks.

To register, click here. For more information about the Secure Cloud Gateway, download our white paper, available here.

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