Malware, botnets, and phishing attacks are becoming more prevalent than ever – consistently growing in volume and persistence every year; however, the way we think about security has remained the same.

Recently, we hosted a webcast with OpenDNS CTO Dan Hubbard to explain why the current standard needs to evolve – security should work the way the Internet does, because that’s how threats operate. By observing how exploits utilize core Internet protocols, we have engineered a solution that does the same thing, allowing us to stop reacting to infections and start preventing them.

That solution is Umbrella by OpenDNS. A secure cloud gateway that revolutionizes the way security is delivered, Umbrella can identify and block malicious activity before it becomes a threat – and help to contain the damage that’s already been done.

In a well-established industry like security, a disruption of this magnitude is bound to elicit questions – more than we had time for during the broadcast. Below, we’ve collected and answered your top five questions from the webcast:

Does Umbrella replace OpenDNS? How is it implemented on my network?

Umbrella takes everything you love about OpenDNS (faster and more reliable browsing, phishing protection, and unbeatable support) and adds predictive threat protection powered by our game-changing Security Graph – resulting in a cloud-delivered security solution that combines security intelligence and enforcement for maximum protection.

Implementation is quick and painless – because Umbrella is cloud-based, simply change your IP settings to the OpenDNS resolvers. From there, Umbrella will apply your policies to all requests on the network.

Can Umbrella protect devices once they leave my network? For example, an employee working from a coffee shop.

Absolutely – Umbrella is designed to protect all your endpoints, on- and off-network. To protect roaming laptops, simply provision the lightweight Umbrella agent on the device. This agent will forward all DNS traffic to Umbrella resolvers while enforcing your network policy. Similarly, to secure iPhones and iPads, users simply download and install the Umbrella VPN app or profile – all it takes is a few clicks.

How quickly does Umbrella recognize and block malicious sites?

We recently upgraded our Umbrella services to work with the Security Graph, which allows for enhanced predictive threat protection. Leveraging the power of big data, we can accurately predict where malicious activity will emerge, and block that site before users can access it. While there is no set timeframe for this process, the Security Graph uses machine-learning and algorithms to ensure that you stay one step ahead of bad actors.

How does Umbrella handle multiple locations? Can I set rules for and manage multiple locations in one management console?

Umbrella allows you to manage multiple locations easily by defining your locations and configuring site-specific policies. With our lightweight Virtual Appliance you can also configure policies and view reporting data for specific Active Directory users, groups, or segments of your networks.

Umbrellas cloud-based web management console enables you to manage your entire distributed network, devices, users and group settings from any location.

Once Umbrella is installed on my network, is there any active management my IT team needs to do or is it self-managed once traffic is switched to OpenDNS resolvers?

Umbrella is designed to reduce administrative overhead, and it’s user-friendly dashboard does just that. Once you’ve established your network settings and provisioned your devices, we’ll take care of the rest. In addition, our new security categories allow for easier prioritization of security incidents – and real-time reporting allows context for events such as botnet, malware, or phishing requests, including other suspicious or high-risk site requests.

We’re changing the way we think about security – and proving that efficacy and manageability don’t have to compromise performance. With security intelligence and enforcement working together in harmony, Umbrella provides a unique solution that seamlessly guards every endpoint – anywhere, anytime. To learn more about Umbrella, visit our website, or contact sales to get started with a free trial.

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