This month marks OpenDNS’s seventh birthday – seven years of continuous growth in making the Internet faster, safer, and more reliable for tens of millions of users all over the world. As a company, we’re expanding faster than ever before: it took five years to reach 30 million users sending 30 billion DNS requests every day – and in just the past two years, we’ve nearly doubled that number, serving more than 50 million users and 50 billion DNS requests daily. This seventh year of OpenDNS has also seen us reach another huge milestone: 50 trillion DNS requests served since we began in 2006. That’s 50,000,000,000,000 requests with zero downtime.  And none of it would be possible without all the support, feedback and encouragement we get from you.

That encouragement drives us to deliver more, and grow faster.  And as such, we’re also thriving internally; we’re hiring some of the most talented individuals in the industry to make our products the best in their class. In addition to bringing our largest new-hire class on board (9 in a single day), we’ve also expanded to a second office in Vancouver. In fact, we’ve hired over 40 people this year already, and we’re trying to double that before the year is out.

This wealth of new talent is paying dividends – and it shows in today’s new product release. Umbrella, our cloud-based security suite, is getting a facelift with the integration of the powerful predictive detection capabilities of the Security Graph, as well as more actionable security and real-time intelligence for security teams.

Using our extensive global network, the Umbrella Security Graph is converting the data we see into a security platform designed to discover and predict malicious attacks before endpoints are compromised. By combining this data with real-time cyber intelligence scoring and classification, working with partners in the security space, Umbrella protects devices from emerging threats using some of the best practices in information security, and applying them at massive scale, in an easy to use cloud-delivered way.

These changes enable Umbrella to remain the industry leader in delivering innovative and market-changing security services. Our lightweight cloud-based delivery platform, enhanced with the power of this new Umbrella Security Graph, represents a new story in technology – security harnessing the power of big data[1] analytics to provide preventative protection for all your endpoints, on- and off- network.

1: Yep, I said ‘big data.’ I know, so annoying.  But really, there’s something quite legit to this big data trend, and if you have an account on our Umbrella Security Graph, you’ve seen it, too.  If not, check it out.

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