Starting a new job is tough. In addition to learning product details, understanding priorities, and figuring out new systems and processes, there’s all those names to remember! Since OpenDNS has been hiring like crazy for as long as we can remember, we’ve been working hard to make the employee on-boarding process easier. This program is much bigger than simply signing papers and attending product training. Our goal is to enable our new team members to quickly make a big impact. To celebrate our biggest single-day new hire class ever, we’re sharing the top 9 questions we want OpenDNS employees to be able to answer after their first week:


1.)  Why is our work important?

Long before an employee actually starts work at OpenDNS, we begin the conversation around the OpenDNS mission. That’s because we want to hire people who are passionate about the idea of disrupting a broken security model to provide a safer Internet. This way, from a new employee’s very first day, we can make sure that every discussion will prove that we don’t just talk the talk – every OpenDNS employee is striving towards the same goal: enabling the world to connect with confidence, anywhere, anytime.

2.)  So what does OpenDNS do?

OpenDNS is an innovation leader in the security space – and much of this success is due to the encyclopedic knowledge and vast experience of our team. Leveraging this incredible resource, we provide new hires with a thorough grounding in our product offerings, from every Umbrella product to the game-changing Umbrella Security Graph. This empowers every employee to become a walking, talking knowledge base that customers can rely on for quick and concise answers to even the toughest problems.

3.)  Who’s in charge here?

OpenDNS has always valued transparency regarding our service, but this principle extends to our executive team as well. From CEO David Ulevitch down, our company leaders share office space with the rest of the staff – there’s no need for an open door policy because there aren’t any doors. Even as we continue to grow, we maintain a relatively flat org structure that ensures the best ideas win. Period.

4.)  What’s for lunch?

One thing new employees learn quickly is that we take food almost as seriously as our work here. One of the best traits an OpenDNS employee can possess is a collaborative spirit, and lunch is a great time to interact with people from every department – trading theories or relating interesting news. Great ideas can grow from the unlikeliest of places – why not the kitchen table? It’s easy to get distracted by the actual food, however: meals at OpenDNS can range from deliciously crispy empanadas to super spicy samosas – and don’t worry if you’re vegan, gluten-free, etc: meals are equal opportunity, no matter what your preferences are.

5.)  How are you moving the needle?

We know a thing or two about Big Data at OpenDNS. That said, we want to be sure every employee has the data they need to contribute successfully, whether that’s a list of quarterly goals or consistent performance metrics. We also keep live dashboard monitors around the office to remind ourselves of how we’re doing – walking the walk means being able to back up claims with good reporting. This transparency extends to our DNS service as well – our uptime stats page is a constant reminder of how the system is performing (and we’re doing fairly well – 100% uptime since 2006!).

 6.)  What’s different about working at OpenDNS?

At OpenDNS, we take the hiring process seriously – and we’re rewarded with extraordinarily smart, incredibly inspired employees, such as our world-class engineering team. People who are okay with the idea of failing early and often – as long as the final product exceeds our customers needs. People who believe in our vision of creating a better internet by making it faster and safer than ever before.

These people begin their journey with OpenDNS knowing that they can contribute from Day 1; the flat organizational structure ensures that good ideas are heard – not just by your team, but by our executives – and implemented quickly. This flexibility allows us to constantly innovate and grow the way the industry does, placing OpenDNS at the head of the pack.

7.)  What am I going to be doing?

We know we’ve got enthusiastic talent that’s raring to go – and we’re not holding them back. From coding on your first day, to getting hands-on with sales, to producing marketing content, you’ll be contributing to the bottom line by the time Wednesday rolls around. This accelerated process brings new hires up to speed quickly while gaining the experience they need to continue OpenDNS’s history of excellence, whether in innovation, support, or community.

8.)  What’s going on around the office?

While we definitely work hard at OpenDNS, there’s always room to have a little fun! Employees enjoy Friday Demos from the engineering team, board game nights, code-a-thons, and (judicious) use of the beer fridges. Letting loose brings the company closer together, and answers the all-important question: who is the supreme ping-pong master? (Pro tip: follow our OpenDNS Facebook page to keep up with all the activities happening around the office!) For new employees, taking advantage of these frequent activities is a fantastic way to get to know your fellow members of Team OpenDNS, and expand your personal brand within the company.


9.)  What’s the team dynamic like?

We don’t call our employees Team OpenDNS without good reason. From their first day onwards, everyone contributes, utilizing their own special talents to move the needle. Our collaborative spirit and dedication to innovation grow from every employee’s desire to make our vision of the Internet a reality.

We don’t see problems, red tape, or impossibilities – we see opportunities, motivators, and calls to action. We’re the dynamic and agile disruptors, here to make the internet better, faster, and safer for all.  We support each other, constantly crossing department lines to ensure that every product and piece of content is better than the one that came before.

We’re the good guys. We come in early, we stay late. We support a global network of 50 million users, processing 50 billion DNS requests daily through 19 datacenters with ZERO downtime, and we’re growing at an exponential rate, doing more business and hiring more people than ever before. We’re Team OpenDNS, and we’re changing the way the world views cloud-delivered security – one network at a time.

If this sounds awesome (and it should), be sure to check out our careers page for more information!

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