2013 SysAdmin Awards
OpenDNS has always passionately supported System Administrators. It’s tough, thankless work. The hours are long, the problems endless, and efforts are often rewarded with blank stares and stale coffee. But not this month! Today, we’re proud to announce the 2013 OpenDNS SysAdmin Awards.

The program, which is now in its seventh year, has allowed OpenDNS to celebrate dozens of dedicated, innovative SysAdmins, and this year will be no exception. To make things easy on busy SysAdmins, the entry process is simple. Tell us a short story about yourself or another valiant SysAdmin that fits into one of the following categories (give us a paragraph or a dissertation, we’ll read it!):

  • Hand-Me-Down-Hacker: This award is all about resourcefulness – if you’re a regular MacGyver when it comes to keeping your network up, despite every obstacle thrown your way, we want to hear from you!

  • Flying Solo: This award celebrates those brave few who take on the job all alone. If you know a great stand-alone SysAdmin who laughs in the face of ‘single point of failure’, nominate him or her today.

  • PEBCAK: Sometimes issues arise without any mechanical failure. Tell us your hysterical or heartbreaking story of user error. Bonus points if you have a photo of the ticket!

  • Neat Freak: We’ve all seen what can happen when cables attack – and we’ve also seen what the magic touch of a dedicated SysAdmin can do. If you’ve got miraculous before and after photos (or just the after), be sure to share them!

  • Doing More with Less (Education & Non-Profit Spotlight): Although every SysAdmin deserves a huge budget and access to the latest technology, this award recognizes those who are able to go above and beyond – even when their resources can’t.

Winners in each category will get an epic package of goodies from OpenDNS as well as a year’s worth of bragging rights.

We’ll also be selecting one entry from the five categories above as the 2013 OpenDNS SysAdmin of the Year. The deadline for contest entries is July 19th at midnight PDT. The winners will be announced here on the blog on July 26th, also known as SysAdmin Appreciation Day!

Winners will be selected by our esteemed panel of judges, which includes the world-class OpenDNS operations team. No one knows the highs and lows of being SysAdmins like these guys – they work around the clock to make sure the OpenDNS Global Network stays up and running. Our team operates 19 datacenters worldwide that receive 50 billion DNS requests daily, and we’ve had ZERO downtime since OpenDNS launched. Now that’s heroic!

Keep an eye out on the blog for updates and reminders throughout the month, or follow along on Twitter and Facebook.

Good luck!

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