Community has always been essential to OpenDNS, so as we continue to evolve our services, making it easier and safer for the community to participate is a top priority. That’s why we’re moving to a new system with improved functionality and security. Some of you may have already noticed that we now ask for ratings on our support tickets, and give you the ability to update and view your tickets online at  That’s just the start. As of today we’ve transitioned the OpenDNS Forums and IdeaBank to be run on our new Support Portal as well.

The incredible knowledge and participation of the OpenDNS community has enabled the forums to become a rich and useful resource for answering even the toughest technical questions about OpenDNS services. But as many of our community members pointed out, the old system was tough to maintain and we were having a bit of trouble fighting off spam. Running forums on our new Support Portal is a game changer, as it allows for deeper engagement with the community and gives us the ability to seamlessly integrate the Dashboard and Support experiences. The new forums will provide us with actionable insight into areas where our users need more help, ultimately enabling us to provide more clear and sophisticated support to our users.

The information in the old forums is valuable (and search engines love it!), so for now we’re going to keep read-only versions of the old forum pages live in order to make sure no users arrive at a dead end.

IdeaBank has been an amazing partnership between OpenDNS and our community. As we monitor the IdeaBank, we keep an eye out for the ideas that the community is requesting and voting up. Over the years many OpenDNS features originated as IdeaBank postings including FamilyShield, our Managed Service Provider partner program, and the Domain Tagging Extension for Firefox. We are confident that the new IdeaBank will provide a more intuitive and user friendly experience, and look forward to continue hearing new ideas from our community.

Technology has changed dramatically over the past few years, so in order to ensure that we’re focusing on your most relevant needs and wants, we’ve decided to start fresh. We’ve worked to make it as easy as possible for you to get started with the new IdeaBank. The location of IdeaBank is remaining the same. The new IdeaBank is now up and running, and we encourage you to start using it. Posting and voting on ideas is simple, and the integration with our new community systems will give you a unified experience no matter how you’re participating.

We look forward to seeing more of your questions, ideas, and forum posts while we focus on delivering the best support and services possible! As always, if you have questions you can post in our forums or open up a support ticket.

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