1,400 Managed Service Providers (MSPs) partner with OpenDNS to deliver Umbrella’s powerful malware protection to their clients, and more are joining us each day. That’s why we’ve been making such serious investments in the growth of our MSP program. For starters, we hired an engineering team committed entirely to enabling our MSP partners, and we’ve doubled our MSP-focused sales team. But I’m most excited about our latest release: the all new Umbrella MSP Console. I think you will be, too.

Our MSP partners useUmbrella’s malware protection to improve margins by dramatically decreasing the time they spend cleaning up infections on customer end points. So when we began building the new console, we asked them what features would best enable them to optimize their operations and improve margins on monthly recurring revenue.

The new console has everything MSPs asked us for: Seamless, on-demand deployment and provisioning? Check. Monthly billing to align with your business model? Check. Volume pricing for a license pool you own and can manage in seconds? Check. Ready-made scripts for RMM deployment? Check. Malware, botnet and phishing protection that follows users wherever they work, even on laptops that roam off the corporate network? Yep, we’ve got that, too.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. Here’s what early adopters of the new Umbrella MSP Console are saying:

“The new Umbrella MSP Console is drop dead simple. It allows us to seamlessly onboard our clients, and protect all their networks in under 5 minutes.  With Umbrella, we can extend powerful malware protection to laptops that leave the office through a simple deployment using our RMM software. It’s great that we can protect our clients’ employees no matter where they use their devices.” – Dave Bell, President of Cyber Solutions.

“As promised, the new Umbrella MSP console makes it easy to manage cloud-based malware protection for all of our clients. It’s wonderful that OpenDNS has adapted to do business the way MSPs do by offering monthly billing and volume pricing, because it’s essential that we offer this level of security for our clients, and help them prevent productivity loss associated with malware infections.” – Kyle Harsh, Lead Network Engineer at PC Network Solutions

You can get a demo of the new console at our upcoming webcast, or learn how managed service providers are improving margins by reducing malware infection time by 80% beyond traditional antivirus alone.


Easily view and modify licensing across all customers.


Add or modify customers and seat counts in seconds.

This release is just the beginning of our increased investment in the MSP program. Now that our dedicated MSP engineering team has built the foundation, we’ll be able to consistently roll out new functionality and more easily integrate with tools you’re already using today. Hope you can join me on June 12 for the webcast to get a tour of the new console, and a discussion around how Umbrella malware protection offers greater efficacy for your clients.

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