One goal of the Umbrella security service is to allow you to secure each component of your increasingly distributed network in a way that makes the most sense for your organization.  Up until now, Umbrella Insights and Umbrella Everywhere customers could apply malware protection and acceptable use policies by satellite offices, roaming laptops, mobile devices, and headquarters via Active Directory users, computers & groups. But with our latest feature, Internal Network Identities, customers can now apply policy even to guest wireless, classrooms, computer labs, and server rooms.   Check out the 3 minute video, or read on to see how it works. 


The way it works is simple: drop one of our lightweight virtual appliances into your network, direct your DNS traffic through it, and start mapping your network based on specific internal IP addresses and/or subnets. You can apply policy immediately, or evaluate how those resources are using the network through our reporting functionality and then choose to apply policies that best suit them.


One of the great things about how the Umbrella cloud-delivered Web security solution works is that you can layer on policies from the outside-in, which ensures a standard policy is applied but exceptions can be made. For example, a customer could create a general, restrictive policy for all distributed offices, based only on redirecting their DNS traffic to the Umbrella service. Next, for that customer’s larger sites, they might drop a Virtual Appliance in and define specific policies for those sites. Then, that customer could create some policies for internal resources within those sites, like  guest wireless or testing labs. Finally, the customer could integrate with Active Directory to provide user-specific policies.

The best part is that all of this is managed centrally through a single Web-based console and policy builder that’s easy to use for administrators of all skill levels. The net result is that you can define and manage your distributed network in the way that works best for you. Just another improvement to the Umbrella service to help provide you with the visibility and control you need to keep your users safe and productive!

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