The Umbrella Security Labs research team is searching for smart, passionate Internet security experts to join our community. Why join the community? In the most recent Umbrella Security Labs webcast we exposed how our cutting-edge research team is using advanced Big Data mining tactics to classify and categorize websites. The Labs community members are on the front lines of predictive threat research, as they’re able to submit malicious and potentially malicious domains for community review and discussion. The community is made up of security researchers, IT technicians, and software engineers from all around the globe with strong dedication for keeping the Internet safe and secure.  For more information about how the whole process works, click here.

To underline how valuable Umbrella Labs Security community members are, I want to introduce you to one of the community’s top contributors.  Meet Jared!


OpenDNS: Tell us a bit about yourself.

Jared: My name is Jared Perry and I live in St. John’s on the island of Newfoundland, Canada. I mainly work in the areas of application and desktop security. I enjoy travelling and speaking about IT security topics. I also love to play the occasional real-time strategy such as Starcraft 2. 

OpenDNS: What initially sparked your interest in internet security?

Jared: I have had a lot of teachers in my IT career and learning from them how to build systems initially sparked my interest in Internet security. Seeing how systems can be broken and learning from that drives my interest in IT security to grow.

OpenDNS: Have you ever been a victim of a scam or malware?

Jared: Early on I had my personal Web server compromised. It was a learning experience, and showed the necessity for multiple layers of defense when building any system. 

OpenDNS: What’s the  most convincing scam that you’ve ever seen?

Jared: The AV industry :p, just kidding. I see so many scams in the run of the day and none are really that convincing if you follow some basic rules. Many are not coherent, have terrible grammar or are completely out of place. I think that the more subtle scams like Twitter/Facebook/Mobile apps that are “grey” at best and siphon off your personal information are probably the most convincing, as even the most aware users often don’t think twice about these types of apps.

OpenDNS: Besides OpenDNS, what are your favorite tools of the trade to use?

Jared: My absolute favorite tool is Burp Suite from Portswigger, its like the Sriracha of security tools – you can use it on everything. I use it for application security testing and also a proxy for malware communications. Thug is also a pretty cool tool that I have been using lately as it saves me a lot of time.

OpenDNS: Do u currently have any security certificates like CISSP or GIAC from SANS.

Jared: I currently have two GIAC certifications, GIAC security essentials certification (GSEC) and GIAC Web application pen tester certification (GWAPT).

OpenDNS: What do you most enjoy about being a member of our security community ?

Jared: I enjoy contributing to malware tagging at OpenDNS because it gives data back to the community and helps end users. It’s also a reason for me to develop scripts and learn new tools to tackle malware.

OpenDNS: Can you demonstrate or explain an interesting case that you moderated?

Jared: Ransomware these days I find interesting, I can only imagine an end user dealing with being locked out of there computer by this malware and some now even have webcam integration to scare the user even further. Its concerning when you find semi-legit services processing payments for these criminal groups. Its more rewarding when you send the data to services like OpenDNS to block these malware networks and report them to payment processors who hopefully freeze the accounts.

OpenDNS: What’s for lunch?

Jared: Fish and brewis!

If you’re interested in joining Jared and the Umbrella Labs Security Community, just apply online and let us know why you’d make a great contributor to the community.

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